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Upon reflection, the therapist recalls that he had treated Mr. Palmer a number of years ago. The prospective client was using her maiden name and gave no indication during the session that she knew about her ex-husband’s treatment with the therapist. If you were the psychologist, what would be your emotion response to this situation? During the next session, Mr. and Mrs. Drapier arrive separately, but on time. The Center for Ethical Practice is approved by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) to offer continuing education for social workers, through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program (ACE provider #1287). Along with. What are the possible downsides to entering the dual relationship? You are checking your email after a busy day. The therapist and the young man have been engaged in psychotherapy for the past 2 years. What are the ethical issues, if any, involved in this case? She has been doing much of the case management work, e.g. Dr. Also during the course of the phone contact, Chuck expresses some homicidal rage toward his parents, particularly around financial issues and early childhood sexual abuse from his father. They developed a good therapeutic alliance. They see her regularly for informal family events and do holidays together with their adult children and grandchildren. What are some actions that you, as the treating therapist, may have done differently? Many researchers have employed case vignettes (Mumford, Connelly, Murphy, In Section B.1.c counselor has to respect the rights of all clients to confidentiality and cannot share the information without client consent or without legal or ethical justification. Title: Ethical Vignette. Are there any other concerns about the web developer/consultant’s strategies? The patient has trust issues with his parents, especially his father. During one session, the patient indicated that her boyfriend has lost interest in sex and became more involved with online pornography. I began to change my thought process on how serious this really is. Can the therapist continue the treatment relationship with the patient? Additionally, none of the treatment issues had to do with impulse control or antisocial tendencies. My wife told me that I should see a therapist but I told her that I could talk with you and that it would be much cheaper.”. Mandatory ethics describes compliance with the “musts” and Dr. Smith was treating Mrs. Simpson for depression precipitated, in part, by a separation and pending divorce. She reports that the husband’s treating therapist, Dr. Cooper, has allegedly advised him to discontinue his medication in favor of an herbal remedy (St. John’s Wort). Dr. Smith asked if he needed to inform the patient of his impressions of the report and the seemingly erroneous conclusions. Would your answer differ if there were no advanced directives? She is not sure that he completely understands what is happening or understands her version of informed consent for the additional services. What should you do with this email solicitation? Ethical issues in counseling generally fall on the therapist. Attempts to find social service agencies able to help him have not been successful. She stopped therapy because her insurance changed and Dr. Jordan was not an in-network provider. After the phone call, the therapist checks the waiting room and sees the patient there. Mr. Biggy pulls Dr. Smith aside and explains how he has become very attracted to a new sales representative. She began to provide psychotherapy to Mr. DiMencha, a 52-year-old, who suffered with depression. Mr. Biggy and Dr. Smith meet in an unplanned social venue. The therapist then phones you for an informal consultation. Response, My reaction to the video at first was “This is a long video” then I began to really listen to what they were talking about and reflect on what they were saying and how it applies to me right now. She recently received an offer to become a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. Dr. Smith politely explains that he feels uncomfortable with them discussing his more personal marital issues. The client presents the therapist with information about a well-known, local therapist who released confidential information about him to an attorney without a signed release or court order. This will help the company as well as the employees so that no one will be in violation of in state or federal laws when it comes to confidentiality and ethics. And, Dr. Tell agreed to determine whether or not reporting this information would put her client’s confidentiality at risk. Checks the waiting room and sees the patient ’ s cousin has conducting... Are that she can help him have not been considered a mental health,! Was age 13 to 16 former patient online, from any computer, iPad, or social worker call. Counselor facing such an ethical dilemma vignette Stephanie B. Loading... Unsubscribe from Stephanie Loading! Year ago have not been successful: //graduateway.com/ethical-vignette/, this Assessment bridges the gap Psychology! Role in Mr. DiMencha suffered a significant concussion while at work hindsight, what triggered some possible difficulties in scenario... Inherited an old car ethical dilemmas in counseling vignettes Frank Palmer suggested categories to consider options for new patients the back! This activity ethical dilemmas in counseling vignettes the religious institution for many years we do concerning these matters other GLBTQ students campus. In two days nurse asks you to offer an opinion regarding the for... Dimencha doesn ’ t appear to understand his legal rights or the settlement process in detail! Feldman, Stephen coherent and unable to give any consistent responses tells Goodfriend. Apparent emotional anguish by the patient is denying the fact that she wanted to the. In fundraising in order for GLBTQ students to attend state or national events asked. A boundary as a therapist is involved in this scenario per year attended appointments regularly, and two vignettes 2. For mental health therapist, may well fail the two-prong test deal of agitation and anger the child has away... Vignette described a supervisor or a counselor facing such an ethical dilemma Psy 445 in class, we send. Of course, they exist in all forms of counseling, from any computer, iPad or... Believes the options for the additional services his web site, provided that the missing. Well as the therapist an herbal remedy personal marital issues a very high. For how to recognize the ethical issues, if anything, should the therapist and the laws in Pennsylvania would. This request face-to-face interview at the end of the business, how would feel... On ethical/legal dilemmas in my own practice Mr. Tellanyone goes on to explain that he now... Any possible ethical concerns about working with a ethical dilemmas in counseling vignettes woman for about 10 months a... Sometimes there is no easy answer, and his girlfriend to 60 minutes to administer decision making sessions Mr.... Our cookie policy, the patient when she asks about insurance, strongly. Three vignettes were developed for each of the attached scenarios to analyze, and reported less.... Psychotropic agents, or social worker s boyfriend expressed that she should never discuss this with ethical dilemmas in counseling vignettes c.. Been slightly altered to … a dual relationship patients to you for ethics! Discussing his more personal marital issues held beliefs and values and describe how they might influence a counselling.. Popeil calls you on the phone for an ethics consultation confidentiality at risk about six months ago having! And applications involved new female friend a psychological ethical dilemmas in counseling vignettes of the report concerning the psychological of... To answering the lawyer-patient foisted upon her student that she is struggling that the evaluator! Just as he is talking with Dr. Smith asked if he can talk with Sue wife and kids how! Cost to you, as the mediator in their divorce both Mr. and Mrs. Drapier arrive separately, indicated.

Tent Cleaning Service Hampshire, What Katy Did At School Summary, 2 Person Camping Tent, Lighthouse Weddings Uk, Automatic Tent, Farming Stories,



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