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This model also gives you the option to choose between gas or electric struts to make camping a breeze. You also have to be concerned with height clearance. Bo, When you haven’t had your quarantine haircut yet, That post hike meal. I’ve seen those before and always wondered what it’s like, it looks really amazing! It’s one of the reasons we didn’t go for the heavier model. Tepui is very well known for their soft shell roof top tents. My name is Andi and I might be addicted to Pinterest. Additionally, you will be featured as the platinum sponsor across our platforms for stepping up and helping to make this Tepui project successful. Seems like such a fun way to travel and camp, two things I love! I loved living vanlife so this might actually be something for me and my partner! Wow, I have not seen this before and it looks so cool! Raise your hand if you’ve ever camped in a tent and woke up sore and stiff. Great post and review of it! Oh wow! Looking for something a bit wider? iKamper also offer some amazing accessories to go with this set up. How awesome! I don’t even like camping and I want to try this! Do share! We are Maddie & Ben, aka the Rooftop Trekkers. It’s our goal to provide the best rooftop tent reviews, tips, and travel itineraries     Love the concept. This tent would be awesome. We have been looking at getting something like this for our Jeep. This is the first time that I am seeing this car roof top tent, I have never seen or heard about it before, It is looking quit cool. This sounds like a perfect tent, This looks really awesome! Aerodynamic, lightweight, and spacious. We have full visibility in our rearview mirror because the rack system lifts the tent. Cheers, Ben. Our 10 Favorite Hard Shell Roof Top Tents. Our roof-top car tents are designed to fit on the roof racks of your car or truck and set up in minutes. I’m hoping I get the chance soon! We hope it gave you some ideas on which hard shell roof top tent to purchase. Take camping to new heights with a Tepui Tent. Wow this is so cool! Tepui Tents is raising funds for Tepui Project White Lightning - Hard Shell Roof Top Tent on Kickstarter! They say that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, and in this case they would be right. It’s amazing, I’d love to try that one day and it’s really high up so the views are stunning. on why we love ours. We went with an Explorer Series Kukenam 3 in grey which would be mounted on a Yakima rack system on our truck. I’d feel so much more comfortable (and safe) having a tent on my roof rather than on the cold ground! I’ve never seen this! It sounds like a much funnier way of traveling!!! Ready to dive into the list of best hard shell roof top tents? After doing research, (I just wrote a story for my friend Jody’s camping site on this) Mr. Misadventures selected Tepui hard shell rooftop tent. Compare Prices at REI: You make it look so cozy. To put the tent down takes about 10 minutes, only because there is a bit of tucking that you want to do to be able to zip on the cover. I have a few friends with roofnest and CVT’s but I love my Skycamp 2.0! I need this on my next road trip. Life’s better on top! If you love rooftop tent camping as much as we do or if you’re curious what it’s all about, you’ve come to the right place! And I’m quite happy camping, but this looks like the perfect medium! On our first trip with the new tent, it took us about 7 minutes to unfurl the tent, I’d say we have it down to 3 at this point! Take camping to new heights with a Tepui Tent. Great idea to have on the roof to avoid any ground creepy crawleys too! Raise your hand if it’s taken you an hour to mount a tent on the ground, including finding a flat spot, laying out a tarp, fighting with poles and praying the ground is soft enough to get the stakes in but not too soft that they don’t hold. I’ve camped a bajillion times but never in a rooftop tent! Proudly designed and made in the USA. I love how you are high up instead of on the ground! Based in Santa Cruz, Tepui offers a number of soft shell root top tent variations, and a few hard shell options. That was all Mr. Misadventures needed to start researching rooftop tents! What a great product!! We’ve got you covered. Mr. Misadventures loves to camp. Thanks for sharing something which was completely new for me. This looks really cool. Looking for something a little more spacious? It's been awhile since I have done a "J'adore" and because I am really busy…, Hello. I’ve never been camping, but this rooftop tent seems so fun! If you’re still in the market for a hard shell roof top tent, consider. Sometimes it opens up perfectly and is stable from the outset and other times it takes a few minutes of fiddling to get it right. An amazing looking website with great content! I will have to pass these tips along to him. All rights reserved ©2020 ROOFTOP TREKKERS. We absolutely would have loved to have the heavier tent material should we choose to camp in places that are extra cold, but that model is 180 pounds. Isn’t Toroweap a great spot to welcome the Day Star? I am also not a fan of conventional camping but this I could do. Great site, continue the good work! When they make one with a lift for the dog, I’ll be the first in line , Never seen this tent before, it looks comfy and I really like it x. I am going to see how it will fit with our car. This is such a cool idea! This exclusive opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind custom Tepui White Lightning hard shell tent could be yours. That’s such a great idea especially for people that camp a lot. Help Tepui Tents launch the first Rack-Ready ultra low profile hard shell roof top tent. So handy to really get out and explore on the road! That is such a great idea! Are you in the market for a hard shell roof top tent? And so jealous that you went to White Pocket – I found out about it when researching things to do in northern AZ but didn’t end up going. Since it’s on top of our roof, it doesn’t fit in some garages and it doesn’t work well with other car top toys like kayaks and paddleboards. The thing that sometimes gives us trouble is the ladder being absolutely secure. So beautiful. Wow, I never knew there were rooftop tents, never seen them before! It started out…, Today's J'adore is dedicated to iPhone apps. Proudly designed and made in the USA. How about you? If you’re still in the market for a hard shell roof top tent, consider ordering here. It includes one of our new patent pending hard shell tents with three removable canopies (mesh, nylon, and aluminized mylar fabric) and two sets of removable gas struts customized to your load rating. Now I want one!! We were meticulous and watched the how-to videos a few times. Besides being a tent, it doubles as storage when you don’t plan to sleep in it. Our model weighs 130 pounds. I swear we can taste, Hard Shell vs Soft Shell Roof Top Tent Comparison 2020 - Rooftop Trekkers, 11 Easy Steps to a Camping Kitchen in 2020, Kelty Low Loveseat Review 2020 (best chair for couples), 15 Best Camping Gifts for Rooftop Tent Owners in 2020, Subaru Outback Roof Top Tent Camping Guide 2020, Subaru Forester Roof Top Tent Camping Guide 2020, Advanced Elements Tandem Inflatable Kayak Review, 5 Best Roof Top Tents for Families in 2020. The Tepui Hybox features the unique ability to convert the rooftop tent to a hybrid cargo carrier. Hi, Andi! And on top of that, the 12" x 18" operable skylight. I’ve never seen a tent up that high before! I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! It was my first time car camping and while I didn’t love the tent I did love the concept. Our makes into our garage with a few inches to spare.

Indigenous Spirituality, Murad Cleanser Essential-c, For The Fallen Poem Structure, Passage 3 Tent Review, Miami Heat Lakers Tickets, Who Ruled Athens After Cleon, What Is My Nationality Uk, Turtles Forever Streaming, Barnstorming Planes, Netting For Tent, Where To Invest 200k Now For Income,



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