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I just ordered a set of 900 Forged and was skeptical about the jacked lofts (31* 7 iron), and this is 28.5. So what were you saying then? That hasn’t changed since that rule came into being. Available on qualifying purchases made before 11:59pm CDT on 11/13/2020. It may come down to performance but my wife already prefers the RSi without having hit the M2 yet. The M2 (left) and M2 Tour irons at address. Glad you could join us OP. On a lark, I picked up a Speedblade 5 iron with graphite shaft. Mon - Fri7am - 11pm CSTSat & Sun9am - 5:30pm CST STEEL - REAX 88HL by FST - S, R GRAPHITE - M2 REAX (S-75G, R-65G, A-55G). I wouldn’t play any of those clubs if they PAID me! TaylorMade’s new M2 irons are without question a game-improvement offering, but they’re not only for high handicappers, especially given their new, more streamlined look. They may have some cosmetic imperfections but will look better than the average club in most players’ bags. Alright, this is very, very simple everyone. So my 7-iron goes to high, lets bend the loft down 4 degrees to where the 6 was. We are a community of like-minded individuals that all experience and express our enjoyment for the game in many ways. Why does the manufacturer even make the 3-5 irons? And the M2 lineup still includes those clubs, usually with several options within each category. Maltby KE4 Tour 4h/Xcaliber HY r flex It really is as commented on earlier a sad commentary, also that clubs are more important than lessons, I found out the hard way and it wasn’t cheap. The M2 irons incorporate some familiar TaylorMade tech: the inverted cone and Speed Pocket, for example. It’s free to join. The loft gaps don’t make sense to me. Discount will be applied to Order Subtotal in Shopping Cart (before tax and shipping).Excludes Gift Cards, Grips, & Clearance. Legacy of Golf Club Innovation and Performance. The wedge showcases the popular VTG “versatile tour grind” inspired by Rickie Fowler. It reaches retail outlets on Feb. 19, 2016, with an MSRP of $399. Germany or will the Wedges be extra ? The special edition wedges are manufactured using the same Metal Injection Molded (MIM) process as the standard MIM wedges as well as the new King Tour irons which were recently launched. #1 Driver in Golf. So instead of a 6 you hit a 7. [size=2]MD Golf Seve Sedona 58*[/size] Works in conjunction with the Speed Pocket to enable fast, consistent ball speeds across the face that push the limits of distance performance in an iron. TaylorMade hit a homerun with its original M2 irons and is back with an enhanced model in 2017 that’s offering the same impressive distance and launch along with more forgiveness and a sleeker overall package. F9 Tour 3w-Ventus black 7 United Kingdom To celebrate the final major of 2020, Cobra is releasing a limited edition King MIM wedge inspired by the flowers found around a well-known golf course in Augusta Georgia. These clubs may have been refinished at some point. *No coupon code required. The clubs are over a club stronger than traditional lofts. In the M1, that saved crown weight went back into the driver's T-Track System of sliders on the sole. Canada *Must apply coupon code PCFY20CP to your shopping cart for special pricing. a partial refund) at your request. Look at the lofts of AP1s too, [twitter]oneputtblunder[/twitter] I’m betting they would have people complaining how the irons hit it too high now if they kept the loft where they were. At GolfWRX, we love golf equipment plain and simple. MP-18 MMC 4 - PW Modus 120x To reduce the vibrations of the more flexible clubfaces, the M2 irons use a new 3-dimensional badge, which has V-shaped struts that improve the sound and feel of the irons. I fit higher handicappers for clubs all the time and 9 out of 10 times, they can’t hit a traditional 4 iron high enough to even think about holding a green. These clubs are nearly impossible to differentiate from new. This height went down very well in the market and now with the 2017 M2 irons TaylorMade has continued this philosophy and combined it with the proven face slots that first appeared on their RSi irons … I pick 14 of the following: I am trying to fingure out if these new irons are a gimmick club like the aeroburners or are they a true forgiving workable club like the RSIs. only months later will they hear someone mention that they are playing a loft that is another brands 6 iron. The sound and feel are second to none. They are the laughing stock of the industry. Ping Anser/Arna putter - the "real deal! Also helping to protect ball speed is a redesigned Speed Pocket that has a thinner wall, which improves performance on shots struck low on the face while also creating higher launch conditions. The True Temper XP95 steel shaft is stock, and the set is 4-iron through pitching wedge, priced at $899 (attack wedge and sand wedge also available). Find out more and set your cookie preferences here.By continuing to use our site you consent to use of cookies. To see the full listing and additional pictures check out the link here: Cameron T22. To this day I have not found a better set of irons than my 2008 Callaway FT 4-Lob (more traditional lofts and length-these clubs were way ahead of their time), they just work, traditional lofts keep my swing on plane, anything else lets say 1/2 over length or more just plays havoc with my tempo and plane. Your email address will not be published. When it comes to golf, beginners as well as professionals, prefer to choose efficient and reliable long-term golf clubs. Available on Other Brand and Clearance club purchases made before 11:59pm CDT on 11/16/2020. Removes 3 grams of extra mass trapped in the hosel. In the past I played Mizuno, Bridgestone, Callaway and Titleist, none had full combination user specific characteristics: head look, feel, sound, shaft and grip that fit me. You compare them to similar Cobra or Callaway irons and its relative. Bag as of June 2020 5 iron loft is 5* stronger than just 10 years ago. TaylorMade M2 Irons Review. All this combines to help the golfer who doesn't always hit the sweetspot, protecting ball speeds and distance on off-center strikes. You should go hit a wide variety of clubs and stop trying to figure out what works for you by reading things on the internet. The promise of a great Certified Pre-Owned club doesn't stop when you hit the course. Replacing irons every 4-6 months is not a concept is called robbery!! That's not a club issue, that's a golfer issue. Excludes Clearance. Let me tell you the minute you put these in your hand and hit them you will love them. Once an accessory has been used, it cannot be returned. Excludes Clearance, Other Brands, Grips, and Gift Cards. Increased flexibility due to an even thinner sole increases launch angle and preserves ball speed, improving forgiveness for shots struck below the center of the face. No questions asked. Now, here's what we published about the M2 Series when it was introduced: As with the M1 driver, the TaylorMade M2 driver has a 7-layer carbon composite crown that is lighter compared to previous TM driver crowns. May have a few paint chips from rubbing against other clubs but are otherwise structurally perfect. I play to a 10 handicap so the heads are not too small, and the shafts are KBS 90, a little higher trajectory, exactly what I needed. Prices on site reflect savings. After months of rumors and a few leaked images, we now have official confirmation, thanks to the USGA and R&A conforming driver lists, that the new 2021 Cobra RAD drivers exist. That's the foundation for the M2 driver's promise of hot ball speeds and maximum forgiveness. Ping G400Ping G410 3, 5 and 7 woodPing G 400 4 hybridPing G 4-U Two and a half to five degrees. Perfect sharp grooves with scoring lines and paint fully intact. I am in the market for a new set and I would like to get a long but workable set. Spain If you're interested in buying an older model, whether new or used, try searching golf retail sites (or Amazon) using the model year, e.g., "TaylorMade M2 driver 2016.". If only you JUST understood the concept of it. Discount will be applied to Order Subtotal in Shopping Cart (before tax and shipping). Customize TaylorMade M2 Irons Add To Cart × 20% Off Your Order! *No coupon code required. Excuse me, I will play them if paid to do so! And the clubhead shaping is low-profile, more in the tradition of a fairway wood, TaylorMade says. Stop bashing the club based on the lofts until you try them! The only people who actually care about this are the ones who care that their buddy is hitting an 8 iron while they are hitting a 7 iron. Each technology in M2 irons works together to help golfers achieve more distance, peak trajectory, and forgiveness—overall, a more consistently performing iron swing after swing. Display as a link instead, × It boils down to this: progressively over the years companies have been labeling the same lofted clubs with progressively lower numbers. Any thoughts, who's going to test or even look at buying !!

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