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The most comparable product I can think of is the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 2, and even that comes in at 3 lbs, 7 oz and an extra $100. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Prism Alpine Climbing Kit Review. The world of ultralight backpacking tents can sometimes resemble a sort of Galapagos Islands of backcountry shelters, where odd-looking species evolve along a track (that probably defies some basic rules of evolution) toward competing goals of becoming stronger and incrementally larger while becoming … Heck, if you're using this tent in the winter, you're doing it wrong. The larger pole arches wide and extends into the two vestibules, enhancing storage space and also improving stability. The vestibule rolled right back into the tent and the D-shaped door is high and roomy—together they make getting in and out of the tent easy. In some situations it can saturate, and it’s thicker and heavier. The 2Lite from Slingfin is a solid shelter. In case you need it: To add photos to your review (full/non-mobile version of the site): 1. The designer avoided using webbing and tensioners that are designed to hold up to hundreds of pounds of tension, instead relying on slimmer but adequately durable lines that closer match up the much lower tearing strength of the nylons actually used in modern tents. The 2Lite Trek is really interesting to me since it takes advantage of trekking poles I already carry for a little weight savings. Hi Jon. The tent fly is 15D nylon ripstop and the floor is a thicker 20D nylon ripstop, while the entire body is a breezy 15D mesh . A simple improvement could be made by using different colour cordage at the head and foot pole grommets. Simply stake out the body, insert the poles, clip to body to it and throw on the rainfly. 8. I would imagine a perfect pitch would rely heavily on the terrain with the Tarptent. They fit perfectly lying down sideways at the bottom of your pack. A full double wall shelter for two at under three pounds is pretty exciting. It provides an exceptional value and true reliability at a price point that’s hard to ignore. So I put the tent to the test with its first two outings in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Wind River Range of Wyoming: venues known for challenging weather. How they got it to be three pounds and seven feet long? ( Log Out /  Thanks for reaching out Frankie. The two large doors allow you to easily enter and exit your tent without disturbing your partner while the vestibules store your gear and act as wind and rain protection as well. Okay, I was scared. It’s super roomy though. I really appreciate it. View All Outerwear, Clothing, and Accessories ». Thus, the tent passed the second test of my rigorous tests: weather durability. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. in windy and wet conditions, however, if you expect to be in wide open areas where the wind can really pick up, you may want something more robust if this is a something you make a habit of. I am fully confident in how water resistant this tent is. ( Log Out /  There are no vents on the fly, which I would like to see added, even at a modest weight penalty, so in a bad storm you're left to keep the mesh doors open, or stop breathing. On top of all of this, the tent packs away neatly and nicely, so that you can fit it into any backpack without it taking up needed space. This creates a resistant frame that holds up nicely in moderate winds, resisting caving in and holding it’s shape without creaking or moaning. The Tensegrity Elite is an amazing tent. The blaze is significantly lighter so wondering if it’s significantly smaller and more fragile? Startled, not scared. The same saggy body would often result in a condensation soaked (unavoidable in some of the areas I camp) fly, which would contact the mesh at the head and foot, resulting a wet sections. It makes setting up and taking down the the tent very simple and hassle-free. If you would like to give it a try, head over to SlingFin and pick one up for your next adventure. Despite the non-freestanding design and nearly vertical head wall, when set up carefully, this tent is impressively resilient. A traditional double-wall tent, though not freestanding, it pitches using two trekking poles to reduce pack weight. It has two doors which allow for easy exit and entry with large side vestibules for gear storage. Hi, I’m Michael Lanza, creator of The Big Outside, which has made several top outdoors blog lists. They’re great people over there but they and I have limited resources, so it may be a challenge. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Even tents that outweigh the 2Lite Trek by a pound or more can bend in 30 mph winds. I think if I make up two adjustable straps (in that they can be tensioned) straps with eyelets for the poles at each end which could tension the poles in their pitch position across the tent it should be possible to pith only the fly. Ultralight Backpacking Tent Slingfin 2Lite Trek $329, 2 lbs. It’s also relatively roomy and featured for a two-person tent … The Stratospire is a little heavier but has a huge amount of volume and also seems like it would be very strong in the wind/rain and light to moderate snow. The only issue with this is that if you’re going to be tenting on rocky terrain, you’ll need to be able to find a place to place the stakes into the ground. I have not tested this yet but could probably try it out with some cord, or even use cord with loops for the poles. This tent is a great offering in the ultra-light 3 season tent market. Slingfin is new to the backpacking scene, but it’s designer is not. and linking to If the 2Lite could be pitched with the fly attached to the inner mesh so it would stay dry in the rain, I’d probably be sold on it. Slide a short, bow pole through that sleeve and into grommets at each end. I wouldn’t bother purchasing the optional footprint ($60, 5.5 oz.) The fly will be a grey/silver, while the floor will be orange. Slingfin is new to the backpacking scene, but it’s designer is not. Cord loops at the corners of the rainfly secure it to the same stakes used on the tent body corners, and the two vestibules stake out independently. Features. A friend who used it on a six-day bikepacking trip in Arizona reported similar conditions and results. The SlingFin 2Lite Trek can also be set-up with trekking poles which decrease the weight by a couple of ounces. If you open up the two doors at night, you have an excellent source of ventilation. Most tents offer ventilation, however, not in sufficient amounts which results in condensation within the interior. Thanks for the review, great attention to detail. Weighing in at two pounds 14 ounces and taking up little pack space, it is easy to bring along for a trip. The SlingFin 2Lite Trek is a non-freestanding tent, so it needs to be held down with stakes. I think you’ll do just fine without a footprint. Professionalcamping.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate The Slingfin 2Lite is a well-designed tent that is spacious enough for two. My partners and guests were able to stay warm and dry on the inside, regardless of conditions on the outside. The fly overhangs the entrance, even when fully open, creating an all weather awning. The tent boasts two large vestibules with low enough protection so stored items don’t get wet. Add your own review » Additionally, Professionalcamping.com participates in It was durable in a variety of conditions, was easy to use, and is spacious for a lightweight tent. You want your tent to last you more than a couple of seasons, you want it to last you years to come.

Honduras Map, Wealth Vs Rich, Fozzils Watch, The Casagrandes Logo, Persuasive Quotes For Business, Vancouver To Niagara Falls Drive, Ken Burns Civil War Music Credits, Sand Minecraft,



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