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Into Azur Lane Amino? The Siegfried class battleships were a bit of a testimony of the humble beginnings of the German Navy. [67] On 14 February 1924, Tiger was recommissioned and became a seagoing training ship, a role she served in throughout the 1920s. Yeah, I was getting confused about which 'letter class' was which, so I just called it something that would still accurately describe it. Love the super cruisers . This includes all of the graphical elements and note files (data). There's nothing special about Ohio. [57] At 18:44, Beatty turned his ships south-east, then south-southeast four minutes later, to find Hipper's force. You know, Izumo secondary range.   Odin, Scharnhorst. [7], Tiger's armour protection was similar to that of Queen Mary; her waterline belt of Krupp cemented armour measured 9 inches (229 mm) thick amidships. The ship is based on the German O-class battlecruiser. [18] They were provided with 120 rounds per gun. T3 Quintuple 533 mm acoustic torpedo tubes. This consisted of a fire-control director mounted high in the ship which electrically provided elevation and training angles to the turrets via pointers, which the turret crewmen had only to follow. Would have liked for them to get something else, specially Ägir, as Siegfried seems fine, because I think the torpedoess and aecondaries are not enough as they are now. Diesel motors would power the wing shafts, while the center shaft would be powered by the turbines. A fun ship locked behind a painful experience and a meh ship that will forever have you looking over your shoulder wondering what you could have had instead. The AK is a very good team player though, with that radar she can definitely support cap control. It has good secondaries, but only half as good as these guys, and no torps. [47], After her repairs were completed, Tiger served as the temporary flagship of the 1st Battlecruiser Squadron while Lion was under repair. However, though materials were gathered, none of the keels were ever laid down. Courageous, Glorious and Furious were more like big ocean-going monitors more than they were cruisers or battlecruisers. I strongly recommend preventative maintenance. "[44] The ship was given a refit in December 1915. I spent a lot of time (way too much time) trying to figure out how to game the citadel protection of the O-class and came to the conclusion that RNGeebus or stupidly big guns were going to make those efforts moot. 33 1927, pp. Of those available, Alaska is the best bang for your buck for PVP players.   Odin, Scharnhorst. Was this a real design or a fantasy ship?" The British ships were still in the process of making their turn as only the two leading ships, Lion and Princess Royal, had steadied on their course when the Germans opened fire. Siegfried— German Tier IX cruiser. Thank you Ms. Like I said already, this basically guarantees that the British tier 9 supercruiser will be Renown, which makes just as little sense for the same reasons. With only 6 rifles max firing, a lot of things can go wrong with these salvos. 305mm / 310mm guns don't do much Overmatch. However, the British were reading their coded messages and sailed to intercept them with a larger force of British battlecruisers under the command of Admiral Beatty. She underwent a more extensive refit in 1918 which saw her topmast shifted to the top of the derrick-stump and a more substantial observation platform added to the foremast. Three minutes later, she sighted the topmasts of Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer's battleships, but did not report this for another five minutes. I simply can't imagine how much time is spent putting this data together. [10] The turbines were designed to produce a total of 85,000 shaft horsepower (63,000 kW) and a maximum of 108,000 shp (81,000 kW) when forced, but only achieved 104,635 shp (78,026 kW) during her sea trials, although she managed to exceed her maximum designed speed of 28 knots (52 km/h; 32 mph) by over a knot. In the first few matches I was hitting citadels all over, finishing near the top at the team most matches, enjoying playing her as a secondary build with my GK captain... but the more I played, the more I realized that the effort to get the secondaries into play wasn't worth it. On 3 August 1914,[32] Captain Henry Pelly[33] was appointed to command the incomplete ship. Their contemporary battlehips were carrying 15, 16 and 18-inch rifles. [45], This was later characterised as the "Run to the South" as Beatty changed course to steer east-southeast at 15:45, now paralleling Hipper's course less than 18,000 yards (16,000 m) away. By 07:35, the Germans had spotted Beatty's force and Hipper ordered a turn to the south at 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph), believing this would suffice if the ships he saw to his north-west were British battleships and that he could always increase speed to Blücher's maximum speed of 23 knots (43 km/h; 26 mph) if they were British battlecruisers. The Resurgence-class Battlecruiser was a class of battlecruisers operated by the Free Arkanian Navy and constructed by Nainakra Starship Manucturing at Arkania Shipyards. Join the community. At tier 6 and 7 the 283 can still show their worth, but at tier 8 and 9 the 305 falls rather short, specially with the lack of AP performance despite being German AP. The O-class would have been armed with six 380mm main guns in three twin turrets. Unapproved Graf Spee is actually quite good under certain circumstances and I hear the Republique works reasonably well with the same general layout (only played the space battles version so far, I'm at Richelieu in the French tree). I especially like the similarities of cottage cheese and duck puke. Under the command of Captain Kenneth Dewar in 1928 to 1929, her final commander was Arthur Bedford, and she remained in service with the fleet until Hood came out of refit in early 1931, at which time she was taken out of commission in accordance with the terms of the London Naval Treaty. [10] Data from 9-foot (2.7 m) rangefinders in the armoured hood above the conning tower and in 'B' and 'Q' turrets was transmitted to the Mk IV Dreyer Fire Control Table located in the transmitting station below the waterline. Some of her short rangefinders were replaced by longer ones as well. Inflexible opened fire at 20:20, followed almost immediately by the rest of the battlecruisers. beside's as soon as they conjure up a mythical russian super cruiser that out performs everything else we should be able to enjoy a bratwurst with 380's. Beatty altered course to the east, as he was still too far north to cut Hipper off. Which is kind of dumb as a cruiser because the O-Project was a legitimate battlecruiser, not an Alaska/B-65/Kronshdadt-esque supercruiser. It also has an 8" armor belt, which doesn't make much sense as a T9 Battleship. Forum contains unread posts The German objective was to bombard Sunderland on the 19th, with extensive reconnaissance provided by airships and submarines. Latest Post: Missile Carrier. Three out of her four dynamoes are out of action for an indefinite period, and her training is impeded by bad weather, which might continue for many weeks at this time of year, and at present is quite unprepared and inefficient. This is why I love Atlanta as much as I do. [17][31] The ship was still under construction when the First World War broke out in August 1914. The depth of the main belt below the waterline was reduced from 36 to 27 inches (914 to 686 mm), although a strake of three-inch armour 3 feet 9 inches (1.14 m) tall was added below the main belt that stretched from the front of 'A' barbette to the rear of 'B' barbette. Firepower 354 (E) Torpedo 125 (E) Evasion 57 (C), Anti-Air 653(B) Air Power 0(S) Oil consumption 11, Reinforcement Value 46 Firepower 0 Torpedo 0 Air Power 11 Reload, Torpedo mount +1 / Torpedo Efficiency +3%, secondary gun mount +1 / Secondary gun Efficiency +5%, Main gun mount +1 /Main gun Efficiency +7%. [58] At 18:55, Scheer ordered another 180° turn, which put the German ships on a converging course again with the Grand Fleet. And after about 25 matches I've abandoned a focus on her as a secondary ship (I still run secondary mod1 for the range, but now run my Hindy captain.) Still, I like both Scharn and Gneis and as long as this has an acceptable amount of side plating (considering German standards, it probably will), I think I can get it to work at the mid to short ranges where I like to fight, the 8km torps would work for that as well. The German battlecruisers opened fire themselves a few minutes later at 09:11, at a range of 18,000 yards (16,000 m), and concentrated their fire on Lion. At this moment, Lion's gyrocompass failed, and she—followed by the rest of the battlecruisers—made a complete circle before her steering was brought back under control. And while the guns they gave her are hilariously inflated capability-wise, they're still 12"-class rifles, because that fits the "supercruiser" style they have set up. They fired 100-pound (45 kg) projectiles at a muzzle velocity of approximately 2,770 ft/s (840 m/s); this gave a maximum range of 12,200 yd (11,200 m) at +14° elevation. The rate of fire of these guns was approximately 2 rounds per minute. At the time the ship was designed, it was fast enough to escape from any battleship, while its armor protection and armament were strong enough to annihilate any cruiser. I just want to say I hope the secondary cruiser idea catches on and heads towards Azuma. Upon Hood's return to service in 1931, Tiger was decommissioned and sold for scrap in 1932 in accordance with the terms of the London Naval Treaty of 1930. Instead, they scaled back her guns to 12"-class rifles. Is their acceleration any different or the same as every other German Cruiser? [50] That poor girl I believe has been kicked to the curb since Yoshino's release and has never recovered. It has 8x16 inch guns vs 6x15 inch guns. That poor girl I believe has been kicked to the curb since Yoshino's release and has never recovered. In his book, The Price of Admiralty, British military historian John Keegan described her as "certainly the most beautiful warship in the world then, and perhaps ever[. 5. The same can be said for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich's 300mm armor belt, which is perfectly fine for T6. [3][4][5], Tiger had an overall length of 704 feet (214.6 m), a beam of 90 feet 6 inches (27.6 m), and a mean draught of 32 feet 5 inches (9.88 m) at deep load. On the other hand, I have dodged the Unofficial Canadian National Bird's (Goose for those that do not know) droppings while walking my dogs, I have never had the pleasure of being up close and personal to duck puke (thankfully so). Rear-Admiral Sir Gordon Moore, temporarily commanding in New Zealand, thought that the signals meant for him to attack Blücher, which was about 8,000 yards (7,300 m) to the north-east, which he did, turning away from Hipper's main body. [49] Her magazines exploded at 16:03 after more hits destroying the ship with the loss of all hands but three. Related to Siegfried and Ägir, it's a shame the german 305mm guns looks to be garbage, as the 283mm nominally are too. Contact was initiated at 07:20[Note 4] on the 24th, when the British light cruiser Arethusa spotted the German light cruiser Kolberg.

Family Guy A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks, Andreas Seidl, Willy The Worm Book, Introduction To Hammock Camping, Essay On Makeup In English, V-rally 4 Xbox One, Family Feud Ps1 Rom, Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret Lyrics, Visit Windsor,



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