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- Sports Are Back, But Why Isn’t It Game On for Advertisers? REI issued a single "we plan to close all our stores on Black Friday" brief to Venables Bell & Partners and several other agencies involved in a review. Everlane, too, is successfully challenging retail stalwarts like Gap, J. And if you need a little inspiration, here are 10 reasons to #OptOutside this year: “A small break in the cloud cover.” —@ryan_field_, A photo posted by Ryan Field (@ryan_field_) on Nov 22, 2016 at 12:11pm PST, “Start of the Grand Canyon Thanksgiving adventure with a bang, down 5,000 feet and up 5,000… in a day.” —@christyrosander, A photo posted by Christy “Rockin'” Rosander (@christyrosander) on Nov 22, 2016 at 3:07pm PST, “So… who wants to go on an adventure?” —@stu_gallagher, A photo posted by Stu Gallagher (@stu_gallagher) on Nov 22, 2016 at 2:42pm PST, A photo posted by Gin Policher (@ginpolich) on Nov 22, 2016 at 2:27pm PST, “Now where did that darn ball go?” —@lizzie.bear, A photo posted by Goldens Lizzie & Ally (@lizzie.bear) on Nov 22, 2016 at 12:54pm PST, “There’s an old saying in the Northeast that goes something like, ‘When you hang out with @btonevibes, there’s usually never much sleep involved.’ Not only is that true, but those tend to be some of the best of times.” —@hbmertz, A photo posted by HB Mertz | @wildernessculture (@hbmertz) on Nov 22, 2016 at 11:58am PST, “Little windy up here, guys! A great example is Southwest Airlines. So this year, after stuffing yourself silly at Thanksgiving dinner, join the dawn patrol crew and spend Friday in the great outdoors. "With the ease of use, it spread like wildfire.". Happy Trails! "Even if no one else in the world cares, that's 12,000 employees who get to spend the day outside with the people they love, not thinking about how to get to the store," said Steele. We hope you join us in spending time outdoors—on Black Friday and every day. Part of this job is about storytelling, but when you can take an action and show people rather than just telling them, it can be really powerful.". It took home nine Lions overall, including a Grand Prix in the Promo & Activation category and in the coveted Titanium category, celebrating non-traditional campaigns. From backpacking to cycling to staying in shape and more, outfit your outdoor activities with the latest gear, clothing, and footwear at REI. But the campaign led to a significant rise in membership, which is ultimately far more important than any single sales bump for a business based on the cooperative model in which customers effectively double as both employees and owners of the company. Making coherent and seamless customer experiences everyone's responsibility (regardless of job function or level) shows customers that their needs are understood across the business, and that everyone at the company cares. Employees opt in REI's ultimate goals for the #OptOutside campaign were twofold: reinforcing its brand identity while also encouraging more people to shop at its stores in the long term. When companies speak and act in a way that customers can relate to, people are more apt to want to open up and share more of themselves. Ben Steele told Adweek. "It would be challenging for us to open our stores [on Black Friday] this year. Or larger ones, like how easy Zappos makes it to return shoes. Thanks to @eddiebauer, those of us without fur can stay comfortable while doing so. During the shoot, Stritzke found himself unable to resist the appeal of the outdoors even as he worked to finish his company's first major marketing campaign. As such, customer-inspired companies really feel what their customers feel -- their pains, joys, frustrations, fears and motivations. "They were keen that it wasn't a stunt to drive sales," said VB&P head of strategy Michael Davidson. Ethan Jakob Craft As predicted earlier this month, consumer cooperative outdoor retailer REI's #OptOutside campaign was one of the big winners at this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Last year, REI (Hiking Project’s parent company) closed its doors on Black Friday to start a movement: Forgo long lines and big box department stores on November 25—and head outdoors instead. #ebcontributor #LiveYourAdventure, A post shared by Ryan Field (@ryan_field_) on Jun 29, 2017 at 12:06pm PDT, “We explored Settler’s Quarry on this unusually unsunny day and found some cool hidden spots.” —@theboulderhikerchick, A photo posted by Alli Fronzaglia (@theboulderhikerchick) on Nov 22, 2016 at 2:23pm PST, “Are you planning to #optoutside this Friday? 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This year, we are again closing our doors on Black Friday and paying our 12,000+ employees to spend time outdoors. After an intense daylong session in which the internal team discussed the implications of this unprecedented plan, Stritzke was on board. For brands looking to adopt REI's customer-inspired model, here are some strategies: Having a meaningful, two-way dialogue with customers -- as opposed to continual, even incessant, messaging, surveying and feedback requests -- shows greater transparency and builds trust. The reality is that when brands operate with empathy and use it to fuel every decision, action, message, product, service and experience, they are both more agile and more successful. Agency president Paul Birks-Hay added, "The point wasn't to reject Black Friday but to embrace something that mattered to REI.". As such, along with pages of glowingly positive (and free) press, the hashtag #OptOutside is trending among consumers and REI employees, with many saying they plan to skip shopping on Black Friday, and asking others consumers and retailers to join in. Many consumers encountered the hashtag on Facebook and Instagram independently, and almost one year later many still use the tag on posts that have nothing to do with the company or the campaign. Steele told Adweek that the #OptOutside theme will continue to evolve in future campaigns. REI and the REI co-op logo are trademarks of Recreational Equipment, Inc. A photo posted by Ryan Field (@ryan_field_), A photo posted by Christy “Rockin'” Rosander (@christyrosander), A photo posted by Stu Gallagher (@stu_gallagher), A photo posted by Gin Policher (@ginpolich), A photo posted by Goldens Lizzie & Ally (@lizzie.bear), A photo posted by HB Mertz | @wildernessculture (@hbmertz), A photo posted by The Adventurous Family (@theadventurousfamily), A photo posted by Alli Fronzaglia (@theboulderhikerchick), A photo posted by Green Events (@greeneventscolorado), Weekend Project – #OptOutside: More than a Hashtag.

V-22 Osprey Specs, Concentration Game Show Online, How Old Is Benjamin Weir, 10x10 Canopy Replacement, Tate Modern Construction Details, Brass Oil Diffuser, That Was Your Mother,



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