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You can do a tour that lets you see Aguinid Falls and swim with the Whale Sharks all in one day! If you are ever in Hawaii look me up. It is a moderate adventure with incredible scenery, which is far away from the crowds at Kawasan Falls. I was blogging and using WordPress and the connection was fine. The road trip up is rocky and wild, but the hike in and out isn’t too strenuous. It is also the place of one of the most dangerous cliff jumps I’ve ever done in my life. Each snorkel is always different and this was no exception. Shop for Hiking Backpacks at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. MoHo Moalboal Hostel – Budget: I stayed at this cool hostel for a few days. I hope my travels give you the motivation to set off on an epic adventure of your own. Backpacking the Philippines is highly underrated and I simply can’t understand why. To book your countryside tour, (I think it is the best value tour you will find on Bohol!) You can book the Malcapuya FULL DAY Island trip by Clicking Here. Right near the restaurants, bars and action of Alona Beach but hidden away so that you can relax after a day of island-hopping or adventures. We didn’t need any more guidance about where to land or how to stay safe, so we spent the next hour nomadically exploring the canyons. After a few communication breakdowns with tour agents, we were finally taken to a village in the jungle where locals had a community discussion for about twenty minutes over who would be our guides. The third level was such an incredible spot. I’m not going to keep going on about how clear the water is I promise. Luckily I never leave home without my travel insurance. When I decided to meet my friend Jorden for a month of Philippines backpacking adventures I had no idea what we would find amongst the 7500 islands that make up this beautiful country. And renting a motorbike will cost you at most $10. It’s less than an hour drive from Moalboal and there are several other great waterfalls nearby to make an epic waterfall adventure day. Out of all the places on this Philippines backpacking itinerary, El Nido seems to be the most booked out for the cheap hostels. An hour cruise in the dark through the mountains and a complete loss of feeling in my butt had us arriving at the base of Osmena Peak in Guadalupe. El Nido Tour A is the most popular tour as it combines lagoons, snorkeling, and secret beaches. In a big city. Read full blog post: KABUTONGAN WATERFALL TREK. Sometimes I prefer places to be empty but the Maquinit Hot Spring had a really chill vibe with everyone enjoying their bath under the stars. It is overflowing with tourists most of the time but somehow we entered the cave and we enjoyed it all to ourselves for a good fifteen minutes before more than 40 nervous tourists huddled around the pool as we backflipped and dove into the crystal clear water. There’s an entire island of starfish! There are some other cool things to do in Oslob so you may want to consider two nights in this coastal town. Either that or you had to walk into the bus station to purchase, ain’t nobody got time for that! It was a great pool to refresh in after the short trail hike. Honestly, motorbiking the algae-covered backroads was the only dangerous thing I encountered. Those days are sometimes equally as memorable as the epic island hopping trips. If you think chilling on the beach is cool, try chilling in a sleepy little town in the northern mountains of the Philippines. Choose your favorite weeks listed here and just do that. I really love the limestone cliffs behind the waterfall. Read the full blog post: BINALAYAN FALLS (HIDDEN FALLS). To get down deep enough at the level of the wreck you will need to dive about 15ft but you can still get a great view from the surface. Make sure to book in advance as El Nido does get booked out. When I was here, I was trying to get a flight to Camiguin, but at that time, there were only 2-3 flights going in and out a week! After lunch everyone got into the hammocks and had a mini siesta in the shade. Their captain and instructor watch their 10 customers very carefully in one spot. The transportation system (or lack thereof) in the Philippines can get a bit frustrating and messy. It’s been a wild ride. The only exclusions were the flights to and from the Philippines. Simply beautiful, travel all over the world it’s my dream and i’m so excited to become a freelancer like you ! Hard to keep a busy website up and running with poor internet connections. Moalboal! Down one end there are a few small hills with trails that have great views and climbing trees. Busy? A higher-end resort lays claim to most of the land on the island but it is a great place to visit. Don’t worry it isn’t vertical. Don’t depend on it. WHERE TO STAY IN OSLOB: Ideally if you are coming to Oslob to swim with whale sharks you want a place by the ocean and near the whale shark tours. I am terrible at relaxing and switching off but even I hung out in the hammock for twenty minutes. Her sassy yet informative blog, Where in the World is Nina? Take your tummy on an adventure with all the food in the Philippines. Which gives you an average one-month living expense of well under $1000. One of the girls in our crew got a flat tyre and we had to drive to nearby town buy another one and bring it back to a vulcanizer, who fixed it on the spot. Nacpan Beach is a huge stretch of sand with some decent sized body-surf waves. I purchased this as a daypack/hiking pack, and it is perfect as both of those. Our guides had been cooking on the grill all morning as we cruised around from island to island. You can Click Here to book online in advance. It has a staircase down to the ocean into crystal clear water. In the Philippines, most of it was made so getting things vegetarian was not an option. A crystal clear pool, deep enough for cliff jumping, sits in front of a backdrop of idyllic palm trees. I’ve said this a million times to anyone who has asked: if it wasn’t for the lack of great food and the abysmal wifi situations (hello, I’m vegetarian and I work online!) Cebu City- Boo / Neverland Manila Festival- Yay! I’d 100% live in the Philippines for a while. I’ve never been thanked for visiting a country so many times on the blog and social media than when we visited the Philippines. The first thing you will need to do is to rent a moped or motorbike for a few dollars and book it in for your entire stay. One of the best ways to visit Chocolate Hills is with a Bohol Countryside Tour. You can book this tour online and check the availability for your dates by Clicking Here. You will also find turtles around other spots in the south of Cebu but I have only personally swum with them in Moalboal. It was closed to clean-up, improve the logistics and systems that never had a chance to catch up to the quick growth of Boracay. If it is your second trip to the Philippines you could look at other locations. From that point on we floated, jumped and climbed our way down the river. May through October are usually the rainiest months but the rain in the Philippines at these times is more like a light warm drizzle, maybe a day or two of rain but nothing like a total monsoon on your travels. It is constantly rated as one of the best things to do on Bohol and even one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. We almost stayed for sunset but I’m glad we headed back to Duli. 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In total, we planned to visit 9 locations in the Philippines and our budget was $800 including all ferries, transfers, tours, activities, food, accommodation but not including flights. If it is your first time in the Philippines I think those hot spot locations are a great way to see some of the most impressive parts of the Philippines while you are backpacking.

Violet Gilder, Edmonton Climate, Ken Burns Civil War Music Credits, Hms Repulse, Cheap Waterproof Tents, Battlestar Galactica Cylon Toaster With Led Light,



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