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Search. Supersite offers several membership levels. By using this site, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as described in this,, Broadback River (James Bay Highway to Waskaganish), 4 lake chain (Krooked, Sakwite, Crackshot, Whitewater), It is currently November 10th, 2020, 2:32 am. Really, the Whisperlite and Dragonfly are just as functional in most circumstances. The actual weight (my stove and scales) of the. As of yet I haven't had a failure with my MSR stoves or my Coleman perhaps due to annual maintenance, but I always bring repair parts for either when I go on an extended hunt. Hello Al, re MSR SimmerLite vs WhisperLite. I've had very good luck with both brands of stoves, but the ability to simmer the stove for a can of slow cooked SPAM (I can't help it I'm addicted to SPAM when I'm in the bush!) what the heck do you simmer with a group cook stove? JHH60 Posts: 1244 Joined: Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:59 pm Thanked: 111 times in 91 posts. Register No offense taken, and I appreciate and understand your perspective regarding the stoves. Yes for general use I have a Coleman 2 burner stove and love it and it has never let me down either. I have both. Next I tried our Wisperlite, which will simmer, but found that to get a steady consistent simmer took a lot of effort. Joined: Jan 17, 2013 Messages: 5. ), so I completely agree that some girls want to spice up the outdoors. Collapse. WhiteFish. On a recent solo Spring trip I was averaging 5 days from a large (950 ml) fuel bottle, compared to 3 1/2 -4 days with the Whisperjet ( averaged over 5 bottles). Having the two MSR stoves (previous post) and a Coleman 442, and using them all a number of times, I would take issue with your statement. Learning to set this stove up before I left home was an absolute must. what? I can't comment on either's performanse, since i do not own any of them. To post to our forums, please register. ~ Jill Fredston, in the book Snowstruck, In The Grip Of Avalanches. In 2018 the Whisperlite Universal has received a few upgrades that have turned a solid, reliable stove, into a truly fantastic, versatile powerhouse. Other stoves that simmer well include MSR’s WhisperLite Universal and Pocket Rocket 2, and the Jetboil MiniMo. It is a significant improvement over the Whisperjet , but as someone has pointed out, it is a bit slower to heat a full pot of water to boiling, but not much slower. Ease of Setup. your account management area, forums and University require login. All times are GMT-9. by JHH60 » Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:15 pm . They make great products I just think MSR stoves are a notch above them for extreme use. the same username and password for all areas. The Primus Omnifuel or the MSR Dragonfly. vs. Dragonfly. Page of 2. My wife gets pretty giddy over a meal of SPAM and Mountain House corn as I do (Proof that there is someone for everyone! I'm in the Canadian Military and I'm looking for a liquid fuel stove. a white sauce that is milk based? MSR knows the Whisperlite isn’t a stellar simmer-er and has created other liquid fuel stoves, like the MSR Dragonfly, to fill the gap. Filtered by: Clear All. Hello Al, re MSR SimmerLite vs WhisperLite. Whisperlite is lighter, has fewer components to go bad and is quieter to operate. Thanks for all the advise. But i have been looking at getting the simmerlite, but a salesperson told me to wait till the newer stock came in with the "newer" and "stronger" pump" on it. Re: XGK vs. Whisperlight. I have both the above MSR stoves and the Simmerlite does live up to its name. Use without permission is prohibited. This needle valve allows for very good flame control aka simmering. I purchased the Simmerlite to use with my Outback Oven. The stove remained relatively unchanged for years. It simmers but is heavy, and they do not recommend this stove with the Outback as the fuel tank will get hot, even with the heat shield. But on the positive side, I am beginning to suspect that it consumes less fuel. The contents of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite for a free forum account |  Upgrade to a Supporting Forum Membership |, I wouldn't take my 442 on sheep or goat hunt, but I certainly would choose it for a hunt where weight and pack size isn't a critical issue...such as a drop camp or float for moose. Previous 1 2 template Next. In order to find what I'd like the best it looks like I need to buy the Dragonfly and the 442 to test for a full range cooking stove where weight isn't a big concern. Copyright © 2007-2020 CCR Inc. All rights reserved. Then for a lightweight backpacking stove I need to buy a Whisperlight, a Pocket Rocket, and a Jet Boil. forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings Welcome! Both are excellent. whisperlite is for 1-4 people.. Dragon fly is for 1-10 people. Here's the web link on the US Coleman website to the Apex 2 parts list and diagram, and the other Coleman stoves. I first tried the oven on an old Peak 1. This page was generated at 1 minute ago. Board index » General Discussion » Equipment, View unanswered posts | View active topics, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 2 guests. I can adjust the flame of both stoves. Mariner_in_ak; You've got to pay attention! The lightest liquid fuel stoves in this review are the Whisperlite, MSR Whisperlite International, and the Whisperlite Universal, all weighing in at 11.5 oz. X. Member. Top. Collapse. "If snowmachiners would adopt the habits of riding one at a time and not parking at the base of avalanche prone slopes, the number of fatalities would likely be whittled by at least a third, if not by half." Hello everybody! But I'm curious about the melted chocolate? Long time listener, first time caller! This 360-page book is a great resource for any Alaska moose hunter, regardless of experience level. new posts. Whitefish you can have all the Spam I will not be fighting you for it! ExcitableBoy wrote: JHH60 wrote:For those who own it, what's the big benefit of the XGK? I've managed to settle for two actually. Purchase and Download for $19.99 at the following links: Apple Devices. for a free forum account |  Upgrade to a Supporting Forum Membership | Manage Your Account/Update Password. Show. He also mentioned that he strongly felt the simmerlite was a better pump than the whisperlite, lighter, better simmering and very quiet. Register below. Time. Take your moose hunt to the next level! Thankfully, when it comes to stoves, we have some good options for consideration. Learn more! Filter. Alaska Outdoors Stability. Discussion in 'Stove Forum' started by peobey, Jan 18, 2013. peobey Offline. S l o w C o o k e d S P A M ! Please use But I wouldn't use it for a backpacking hunt. For your security, All Time Today Last Week Last Month. Posts; Latest Activity . (you have to find 3 big rocks to support large pots). Coleman makes some good equipment but you will never be able to compare one of their stoves to an MSR stove. Camp chefs will want to look at a model like the liquid-fuel MSR DragonFly, which has very precise controls, a windscreen, and an extremely stable base for excellent cooking abilities. The cooking aroma is on par with the smell of the desert after a rain. In my experiences I think the 442 is comparable. The SimmerLite is very similar to the WhisperLite with the addition of a needle valve in the fuel supple line. Solid, reliable, puts out a ton of BTUs. Whitefish I did not mean to offend you with that statement and never meant to tarnish Coleman's reputation. MSR knew they created a quality product with the first generation Whisperlite stove. Join Date: Mar 2008; Posts: 105; Share Tweet #16. For expedition use the MSR has its detractors, for a simmering stove with a more robust construction consider the Brunton Nova. I have never understood the MSR "let's re-invent the wheel into something so complex it has to be made from plastic and it's bound to break" mentality. The Alaska Moose Hunting Guidebook is now available for Apple devices and for Amazon Kindle. The dragonfly will handle large pots for group camping. Whisperlite Intl. But that’s not to say the Whisperlite is a challenging stove to operate — far from it. The whisperlite will not. The XGK-EX with Red Slate mountain in the background. Ive cooked flapjacks, omlets, bacon, grayling, moose, whitefish,salmon,halibut,italian cutlet, melted chocolate........some girls want to spice up the outdoors yah know?, and other various things.....but is there something in the great outdoors that should be simmered? I have a rather complicated question. Omnifuel vs Dragonfly. All Discussions only Photos only Videos only Links only Polls only Events only. I don't think ive ever simmered anything with my MSR lost....what should i be simmering....i want to try it out so i can make my stove inferior and have another excuse to someday consider another. as well as not having to hook-up a fuel canister wins me over to the Coleman 442.

Bloodshot 2 Cast, Buddhist Holidays, Hms Ark Royal R09 Model Kit, How To Protect Indigenous Culture, Westminster Abbey Museum, Jean Le Bouteiller, Museum Shop Uk,



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