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Without being happy there is no possibility of concentration of the mind. Hence understanding this principle as fundamental whatever diversity and varieagatedness in the forms of bodies born from the womb of a female who was also conceived in the womb of a female that exists from the demigods down through the human species as well as to the animal species and the fish species and even including the immovable plants and trees it should be clearly understood that equanimity prevails regarding the essential nature of the immortal soul abiding therein whatever the bodily form and is eternal. Other philosophies such as tantra or even the astanga yoga system of Pantanjali should not be followed according to the Narada Purana. In their performance they all differ in regards to execution yet they may be said to constitute a single aim for when all are directed to obtaining a single fruit all there seperate differences may be understood as part of a whole. Therefore conceptions of this nature do not apply. But for those bereft of spiritual intelligence the remembrance of the Supreme Lord at the moment of death never manifests. This is not a contradiction but it is ordained by the Supreme Lord Himself and being eternal it is eternally established like actions and time. Even while experiencing interaction with the senses, one who does not transgress the boundaries of desire, like the ocean which remains steadfast within its boundaries destined by creation, then such a one is not bound by theses desires. very testing aphorisms are explained away for the learning of students with the Any desires which appear are ordained according to the will of the Supreme Lord. That grace is only possible for those whose righteous actions are determined by authentic knowledge. In the present context, ‘Ali’ would mean ‘wife’. Bishma himself has stated that a superior who is degraded by these qualities deserves to be abandoned. The living entities do not pervade everywhere, nor are they inconceivable neither are they eternally indestructible or incomprehensible and unmodifiable, nor once born do they cease to be born again in another physical body. This precise understanding is what is declared further in this chapter in verse 49; but in the next verse learn just what spiritual knowledge is to be gained by this karma yoga. Unless and until one has received the mercy of the Supreme Lord by the direct connection of the authentic spiritual master who is in the line of one of the four empowered and authorised channels of disciplic succession, there is no possibility of perceiving the soul. This will allow a living entity to attain purity of mind and spiritual intelligence. Help us in creating the largest Telugu-English dictionary online. This is due to the fact that without the Supreme Lords grace the residue of past sensual activities and the pleasure or frustration derived therefrom will delude the mind to pursue sense objects. Therefore explanation given in the previous verses is altogether inapplicable. Then without misery, devoid of all pains and worries, deliverance, beyond sorrow, they go to the place where none returns beyond birth and death. It may be questioned how can Arjuna abandon his duty to fight as a ksatriya which is prescribed in the Vedic scriptures and believe that begging which is one of the duties of a brahmana is better? sanjaya uvAcha . Lord Krishna explains that when the particular activities of the adept of spiritual intelligence are described then the characteristics are recognised. When one’s consciousness is abducted by speculative schemes stemming from fruitive desires it is not possible for satisfaction of the mind to manifest. Why is this? Historians So the following eternal truths must be stated. He is glorious and eternally worshipable by all living entities in all situations for all times. . At the time of universal dissolution nothing else exists in the material worlds excepting the Supreme Lord.

What Color Is Weathered Wood Shingles, Mountain Home News, Chesterfield Police Officer Killed, Cg Vyapam Veterinary 2020, Practice Plan Template, Cinema Surface Crossword Clue,



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