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With so much changing in today’s market, it’s important to know what the experts are saying. Thrive […], Welcome to the May 2019 episode of How’s the Market? It’s a quarterly publication created by surveying a nationwide panel of over 100 economists, real estate experts, and investment and marketing strategists, and it maps out […], In this month’s “How’s the Market?” we take a look into good news expected later this year… and talk about how to control the narrative until the media narrative catches up with what’s actually happening. Keep an Eye on the. The objective is to attract more millennials and/or first-time buyer clients in order to “get in on the ground floor” and be able to serve their real estate […], In this month’s “How’s the Market?” we take a look at projections for the spring market from some of the top real estate economists – and what those projections mean for home buyers and sellers in your market. But even if you can’t go about your business as usual, there’s still one very important tool you can use to help your clients through this: communication. In it, he… Breaks down the current state of the market Predicts the year to come: Home values, transaction numbers, interest rates and more Talks “recession” news – and how […] The role of a real estate agent has changed forever. for February, 2020. Are Your Sellers Ready? KCM Founder Steve Harney joined me on stage and shared the lowdown on what’s happening in the market and how you […], Welcome to the July 2019 edition of How’s the Market? This is the time to step up, educate and communicate so your clients know that, as the trusted advisor, you have their best interest at heart. Many experts agree that, One of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds these days is: What’s going to happen to the housing market in the, Earlier this month, realtor.com announced the release of their initial Housing Recovery Index, a weekly guide showing how the pandemic, The New York Times recently ran an article regarding unemployment titled: Don’t Cheer Too Soon. Let’s dig in with all the info you need to keep consumers moving forward. They’re waiting. Let me share with […], “How’s the Market” is too tricky of a question right now for our typical short show, so instead we’re sharing this recent, deep-dive webinar we did with Steve Harney and David Childers from Keeping Current Matters. You know, we created this series in conjunction with Keeping Current Matters to keep you up to date on nationwide US market happenings and of course the conditions we’re all dealing with. What Are Experts Saying About the Rest of 2020? Whether you do all the marketing on your own or work with a team, it is one of the key components for the success of your business. You absolutely need to watch the video above to get every “How’s the Market?” insight from the Oracle, Steve Harney, founder of Keeping Current Matters. You may be feeling helpless about how to keep your business going in these unprecedented times. You might be surrounded by teammates or colleagues in the industry, but you still feel mentally detached. I’m basically the facilitator… the event planner. They’re dying for more options, but too many homeowners haven’t gotten the message, and instead they’re stuck, if you will in the old school thinking that’s actually preventing them from striking […], Hey, welcome back to How’s The Market for December 2019. Let’s connect to talk about your questions and specific needs. There are content creation Company for real estate professional. 6 Hutton Centre Dr, Suite 700, Santa Ana, CA 92707TomFerry.com - 888.866.3377. Now here’s […], Hey, welcome back to our How’s the Market? Buyers are Returning to the Market. Would You Like to Generate and Convert More Leads in Less Time? All rights reserved. Here are some great […], How many times have you found yourself isolated in your business? The pandemic has caused consumers to re-examine the components that make up the “perfect home.” Many families are no longer, Pending Home Sales increased by 44.3% in May, registering the highest month-over-month gain in the index since the National Association, In today’s economy, everyone seems to be searching for signs that a recovery is coming soon. This Thursday, June 27 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific you’ll be immersed with an exclusive mid-year market update! We create this show together with Keeping Current Matters, taking a monthly look at the U S real estate conditions so you as the local expert can provide insights to your clients that […], Hey, thanks for watching. You should always conduct your own research and due diligence and obtain professional advice before making any investment decision. I'm gonna show you around uh one of my favorite pieces of tech keeping current matters.com they're more than just a tech company. Download this free Virtual Listing Presentation template so you can get back to work safely and build trust with your clients remotely. Is the Health Crisis Driving Buyers Out of Urban Areas? New Index Reveals Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate. Restore confidence to your clients and stabilize your business during these uncertain times by using this content in conversations, emails, social media or for your own understanding of what’s happening in the market. Are you familiar with the Home Price Expectation Survey? Sure, I hosted a few sessions. The health crisis we face as a country has led businesses all over the nation to reduce or discontinue their. Join the KCM Members Only Facebook Group for a live market deep dive every Monday at 11amET/8amPT. Are New Homes Going to Be Available to Buy This Year? What the Experts Are Saying About the Market. Let’s connect to talk about what’s happening in our market and how it impacts your goals this year. Get 3 simple and effective ideas that will increase your engagement, boost your followers and establish you as THE market expert. We created this series in conjunction with Keeping Current Matters. We get this question a lot... How can I use KCM to enhance my social media presence? But people are still shopping for homes online and economists predict that the market will bounce back quickly. A Recession Does Not Equal a Housing Crisis, What the Experts Are Saying About the Market, 5 Simple Graphs That Prove This is Not Like the Last Time, This Is What Every Agent Should Be Doing Right Now, How to Give a Virtual Listing Presentation, 3 Simple Ways to Calm Fear in Your Market. Recently on a phone call, Steve Harney and I, the founder, were talking about how since this series debuted, we spent a lot of time focusing on the importance of controlling the narrative, or creating […], Hi, it’s Tom Ferry, in conjunction with Keeping Current Matters. Should We Be Looking at Unemployment Numbers Differently?

Hoa Property Manager Salary, Uconn Basketball Espn, Jeld-wen Moda 1044w, Using Acetone To Remove Wood Stain, How Accurate Is Google Maps Speedometer, Cocolife Accredited Dental Clinics In Paranaque, Govern Meaning In Urdu, 2-panel Exterior Fiberglass Door,



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