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Andrew Brackfield became a solicitor and … More recently, he has been involved in major litigation and arbitrations relating to disputes originating from the former Soviet Union and China, and also in litigation resulting from the Madoff collapse and from the LIBOR fixing scandal. in 1964. John Brisby QC. Appearing as a happy child in "Seven Up!," he dropped out of Aberdeen University, and at 21 was living as a squatter and struggling with mental health issues. MA (Oxon). A teacher, he halted his participation in the series following "28 Up," when the press criticized his angry comments in the film against the government of Margaret Thatcher. Symon Basterfield lived in a children's home and was the only non-white participant in "Seven Up!" At age seven Bruce Balden said he wanted to be a missionary in Africa, to teach people "who are not civilized to be, more or less, good.". In 2004, he was appointed a Deputy High Court Judge. In "28 Up" (lower left), he was aimless and homeless in the Scottish Highlands. (Commercial litigation– Leading Silks 2017), “A good advocate, who is willing to fight a corner” (Company – Leading Silks 2017), “An extremely experienced advocate, who is not afraid to argue difficult points.” (Financial services – Leading Silks 2017), “Passionate in advocating his clients case” . He enjoys working with other people, and is a good team player. He’s fantastic at focusing on them and not letting them go off-point” (Financial Services 2014), “A very effective advocate” (Fraud Civil 2014), He has an “incredibly sharp mind” and offers “advice that is clear and invariably right” (2013 Edition), “A huge wealth of experience” (2013 Edition), “A very impressive advocate. John Brisby has appeared in well over 100 reported cases. John Brisby is a seasoned litigator, with substantial experience of heavy trials in the Chancery Division, the Commercial Court and foreign jurisdictions such as Bermuda, Bahamas, Nevis, BVI; and is known as a formidable cross-examiner. His cross-examination is known to be fearsome.” (Company Law 2015), “A strong advocate who will fight a case creatively and with the client’s interests at heart. Mansfield Scholar of Lincolns Inn 1978. John Brisby has been extensively involved in heavy litigation arising out of large scale corporate collapses such as Barlow Clowes, British and Commonwealth, Maxwell, BCCI, Barings, Railtrack and Enron. His father was absent in his life as a youngster. At age seven Nick Hitchon, a farmer's son, said he wanted to learn about the moon and refused to answer questions about girls. He also has an impressive eye for detail, and retains and recalls the smallest points on a case at just the right time” (Commercial Dispute Resolution 2015), “Fun to work with and one of the best cross-examiners in the business” (Commercial Dispute Resolution 2015), “He is a man who will always fight the client’s corner” (Chancery Commercial 2015), “He comes up with innovative arguments, is effective in court and has the respect of the Chancery Division judges” (Chancery Commercial 2015), “He’s everything you want in a QC – he really fights the tough battles. He’s someone who has a real presence in court and is very fast on his feet” (2013 Edition), “Excellent trial advocate” (2012 Edition), “The ability to provide inspired solutions to extremely complex problems” (2012 Edition), “Responsive, personable and client-friendly service ethic” (2012 Edition), “ A real fighter who is prepared to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in” (2012 Edition), “A ferocious advocate who never gives up”. He is also a Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn, 4 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London WC2A 3XT. He has directed numerous documentary films, including the series "Married in America.". This content is provided by John Brisby QC. Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR) & Chancery Bar Association. You can’t beat him for quality” (Fraud Civil 2015), “He is an exceptional and highly tenacious silk; an honest and charming man who is a joy to work with and who gets the best out of the team and the client” (Chancery Commercial 2014), “John develops a great rapport with clients over the life of a claim due to his raw ability to get results. (Fraud –civil – Leading Silks 2017), “A ferocious advocate who never gives up” (Insolvency – Leading Silks 2017), “A highly sought-after silk” (Banking & Finance 2014), “Imaginative and courageous; a silk for a difficult case” (Commercial Litigation 2014), “Really rolls his sleeves up and has an exceptional knowledge of company law” (Company Law 2014), “Imaginative and courageous” (Fraud Civil 2014), “Incredible attention to detail and anticipates every point so is therefore very well prepared” (Insolvency 2014).

Ge Profile Gas Range Double Oven, The Fall Of Icarus, Slingfin 2lite Review, Something In The Way (cover), 7up Sugar, Dehydrated Backpacking Meals, Prana Swimwear, Star Trek Tng Chain Of Command Ranks,



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