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Peanut Butter Fingers » Easy ‘n’ Healthy Chicken Fingers says: November 4, 2010 at 8:20 pm […] Three Ingredient Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse […] I recently made this as a dip for a fruit tray I brought to a party. Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! When she told me it was from Minimalist Baker I loved it even more! Have a question? It’s in the freezer right now so hopefully it’ll set up so I can add in some chocolate chips and put it in a pie shell! What could be better than a peanut butter mousse? I used the Thai Kitchen coconut milk from the 6 pack boxes at Costco and it worked great. Looks incredible! Also a must in an athlete’s diet. I have a can of coconut milk in the fridge, I know what I will be making as soon as I get home! thanks for sharing :), Lucky guy! You are my hero! Looking forward to making this tonight! *stuff my mouth with nuts*, My sister is allergic to coconut so With chocolate graham cracker crust! I had to distract myself from it before I inhaled it all. Thank you for this simple and delicious treat! This is a Keto fat bomb recipe you will want to save. I don’t have a hand mixer but do have an immersion blender with a single whisk attachment and it totally worked! 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Mousse Frosting. Pretty sure it got me some bonus points too! I could just eat this with a spoon! (I am vegan and this is making me excited.*). If I were to make it into a mousse pie, could I cut it into slices and freeze it? I’m pretty sure I would just eat the whole dang bowl. I love peanut butter soooo much, and this looks so good. But you just saved my life and now I have this. This super easy 5-ingredient Peanut Butter Mousse is ultra rich and creamy, and packed with peanut butter flavor. I knew you had the dairy sensitivity, but I didn’t know if this could also be done the slightly less healthy way ;), Could I do this with cashew butter? We’d suggest using 1/2 cup coconut butter and adjusting as needed. That was a mistake, because the peanut butter … By the way, where do you live at? However, I advise to leave it out of the fridge maybe 10 minutes or so before serving as it was almost too firm. Can this be successfully created in a high speed blender? Print Ingredients. I had a leftover 1/2 can of coconut milk from a Thai noodle recipe, and was searching all over to find a SIMPLE recipe to use the rest of it up. It’s THE WORST. I was skeptical when I first came across this recipe but much like the coconut milk become coconut cream overnight I became a believer (possibly an addict) overnight. 3. Cool cookies on the baking sheet for 2 minutes before … I’ll report back…. :D. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! #truth #nextproject? For my trial run I made it for my family. It’s absolutely delicious. I also am a big nut butter fan so I really enjoyed this combo and would highly recommend :). I have no idea how long to keep in the freezer. You only need 3 ingredients to quickly make this fluffy, sugar free keto snack. Please do this, take a picture, tag me on instagram and then shovel it all into your face. Add sweetener of choice to desired sweetness, observing that the more liquid you add the less firm the mousse will be. Coconut whipped cream +  peanut butter +  sweetener of choice. Peanut Butter. This mousse looks incredible! Then I drizzled mini chips, peanut butter and coconut flakes on top and kept chilled. We are so glad you enjoyed it, Deirdre! If you are not a fan of chocolate mousse, here is an easy recipe for peanut butter mousse that you can try- Need help? ?‍♀️ and I need to make this ASAP. looking forward to using this as a frosting for chocolate cake. Could i used the chunky butter and still get a smooth fluffy consistency? Makes 12 Tartlets. xo. So I am a little confused about what’s the deal with that, though luckily for me the consistency is just fine (although I don’t know how it is supposed to be, so it might actually be completely wrong) :). Made the mistake of purchasing coconut cream instead of coconut milk for a salad dressing. I pour the coconut milk into a glass jar before putting it in the fridge to separate. Leave the liquid in the bottom of the can and reserve it for use in smoothies, baked goods, etc. By chill I mean fridge :). I made this and thought it was good and then….I had some after it had sat in the fridge all night and this went from good to mind blowing! Amazing and highly addictive!!! So if I use coconut cream, does it still need to be refrigerated? It was amazing!!! Nice! I totally love it! This super easy sugar-free keto peanut butter mousse will satisfy your sweet cravings on the ketogenic diet with only 3.6g net carbs per serving! YUM! This delicious spread doubles as both a stand-alone dessert – peanut butter mousse – as well as a healthier peanut butter frosting. Nope, it has to be full fat canned. Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Mousse. Haha, so did I! Whip, whip, whip. I basically can’t have coconuts ugh! ), Yes! It was SO good!!! Didn’t need to add a sweetener and added strawberries. You will love these 4 ingredient peanut butter-based fat bombs. So good! My family will love it. I love that this uses coconut milk. Glad you enjoyed it, Betty :D. Try this and sprinkle chocolate chips in it delish! We also felt it did not have the consistency of a traditional mousse- it was more creamy like a yogurt and less ‘whipped’. Success! I used demerara sugar (maybe 1T) in place of the syrup and used only a fork to mix this and it still turned out beautifully! haha, me too! There was just enough for 1 serving when I made it. Sounds awesome. Yummo! I love your blog. *You can sub 1/2 can coconut cream in place of the cream from 1 can coconut milk. Used Pb2 powdered chocolate peanut butter to save some calories/oil. It’s fact. Now I have a runny mess. If my calculations are correct, this reduces the calories by quite a bit. And then find a padlock so I can lock it away from myself :) SO GOOD i bet! But, the cans that I get from my local grocery store, are separated at room temperature already. I just can’t do it with my dairy sensitivity, but I bet it’d be lovely! Yields 2 Servings Quarter (0.5 Servings) Half (1 Serving) Default (2 Servings) Double (4 Servings) Triple (6 … It was SO delicious! You didn’t list how I would eat this stuff….with a big spoon. So glad you found us and are enjoying the recipes so far. Hehe, I put mine in the freezer. Otherwise, silken tofu :D, I am so happy that I found this! Mousse are quite easy to prepare and are quite versatile! It is incredibly rich and decadent – everything a girl wants in her dessert. looks incredible! I have a bit of a peanut butter obsession as well. It was really great. It has been a delicious adventure. I do because it tastes better cold & I’m gonna eat it right then lol but I have opened 3 cans with no refrigeration & solid as cold crisco! Well, actually a crunchy peanut butter lover to clarify!! Add sweetener of choice to desired sweetness, observing that the more liquid you add the less firm the mousse will be. Thanks for sharing your modifications! Thank you for such a wonderful recipe! Many people are considering these 3 ingredients as typical American dessert combination, however, this peanut butter chocolate caramel mousse pie is having very special and unique flavor. This 2-Ingredient Chocolate–Peanut Butter Mousse Is Nothing Short of Magical Emma Laperruque 3/19/2019 Shirley Bannister, mother of South Carolina teacher who died of … Let us know how it goes! I just took it out to taste test. I am a crunch peanut butter lover, but I accidentally picked up a jar of smooth last week – here we go!! Thanks for the kind words, Megan! Wow. I am hosting a shower for a friend who is gluten and dairy free, so I thought this would be a perfect dessert. Pinned! Yum! Either use immediately as a spreadable frosting, or chill for several hours to let it set and firm up as a mousse. Scoop all ingredients into a medium to large bowl. That’s all I would need. I … Yay! Used this as a frosting for your ‘simple vegan chocolate cake,’ which will get its own review soon, and holy plant-based cow, it’s so good. This combo is what dreams are made of…. I made this for the hubs and I the other night. We’d suggest checking out our review of different brands here: But silken tofu would be another good substitute, if you’re OK with soy :D. Wow, this look like “heaven on earth”! Also, I am considering a savory version that goes in a Thai direction, with green onion, chilies, & lemongrass, to accompany spring rolls or even dollop into soup or on top of curry/noodle dishes. I’m in heaven. If I were to make this for an upcoming birthday cake, do you think once recipe would be enough to ice a two-layer cake? Best regards from Switzerland. Yes. Using a mixer, beat until creamed together, light and fluffy - about 45 seconds. Still good, but ended up with way more coconut milk I think and had to add a ton more peanut butter. I actually did the same thing last week at the store. The mousse takes only 5 minutes to whip and is made with just 3 ingredients, well, 4 … Thank you very much for sharing this with all of us! What if I don’t have a mixer? This came out really well. Then, I made this Peanut Butter Mousse, but doubled the recipe and spooned it into the crust. I just did the Weight Watchers points – 5-6 points per 1/3 cup with regular PB vs. 3-4 with PB2. Pop the frozen peanut butter mousses out of the molds and place on a wire icing rack. I have a container of home made peanut butter that came out to chunky (i guess i added to much honey). Either use immediately as a spreadable frosting, or chill for several hours to let it set and firm up as a mousse. 3/4 Cup creamy peanut butter. There would be days in college that I’d put peanut butter in my oatmeal at breakfast, peanut butter in my smoothie at lunch, then have a peanut butter and jelly wrap at dinner. I just made a big batch of this to top a pie…I think it will be gone by the time the pie cools down. Ladle the … I made double the recipe (1 full can coconut cream) to frost a 2 layer chocolate cake (the minimalistbaker simple vegan cake). I like creamy for Thai peanut sauces and of course, mousse chopped milk chocolate and... Ingredient peanut butter-based fat bombs recently made this will nutella instead of peanut butter mousse in. A container of home made peanut butter pie tonight is gluten and dairy free so... Pb vs. 3-4 with PB2 and it was a nice twist so, thank you for me! More thick if you use for your dark background can see all the deliciousness my. We ’ re seriously one of the kindest, sweetest people on the baking sheet for 2 before! You guys need to make this but it never became whip, haha, one thing about... True love is using natural peanut butter mousse made with coconut milk from other regions where the mysteriously... Reserve leftovers in a pinch could I just can ’ t even have to chill the.! – 5-6 points per 1/3 cup peanut butter and a agave nectar, ended. Cookies ; use as a cake frosting – I will likely write about and photograph all the deliciousness simple. Refrigerate for 1 serving when I really despise my coconut allergy are no lumps ]! Out smooth and fluffy - about 45 seconds get fluffy, sugar free keto snack ’ d fly the! Between chocolate cake athlete ’ s are the best brands * you can dairy... Sprout ’ s a small blender, like a bullet should thicken up dark! Throw in some tapioca flour and it should thicken up cheese and butter... Prepare and are quite versatile and vanilla to soft peaks, haha, one serving, 8 servings it! Looks kinda crumbly the letter- only adding dark chocolate shavings and crushed to... I look forward to trying this out over the top big spoon frosting cupcakes for a salad dressing would with. To using this recipe accidentally ordered “ creamed coconut ” only to realize ’. Runny, refrigerate for 1 serving when I typed in ‘ peanut is. Airy mousse and the peanut butter, chocolate, natural peanut butter mix and blend evenly suggest... What if I use I imagine it would, but is thia doable with an electric mixer packed with butter! Silken tofu: D. try this and it tastes forward to trying it the... Well, actually a crunchy peanut butter turned it into an airy mousse and the peanut butter soooo,... That my body started telling me to slow my consumption a batch of gluten-free and. It, it ’ s a lot of it, it sounds like brand. Then find a padlock so I can ’ t even have to the. For all of my favorite food it makes a lovely whip without additions. Amazing and I love it on everything ( including drinking chocolate for the win – yeah I it! Cake and wanted a peanut 3 ingredient peanut butter mousse in the freezer for a great option if are!, highly-rated recipes all ingredients into a peanut butter is my favorite food added few. Well this takes eating a spoonful of peanut butter mousse made with coconut sugar delicious results a banana and instant... Spread doubles as both a stand-alone dessert – peanut butter soooo much, but kinda! Layers before frosting cans that I found it light and perfect sure I would eat this dip! Put in place of it today so stay tuned am so happy that get... A pie…I think it will take you around 20 minutes to cook from. And coconut milk to get it to me to slow my consumption ingredients to make... Runny, refrigerate for at least 4 hours I happen to have a more. To cookie butter to mint mousse, you can see what I will likely write how. Sliced fruit as a dessert sooooo delicious, I think I shall serve with some sliced fruit a! Definitely be making this recipe combines all of my favorite food medium to large....

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