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Duell, Sloan and Pierce, NewYork: 1955. von Hagen, Sinchi Roca - half brother of Huayna Capac. She married Francisco de Ampuero. Hemming, Matienzo, Juan de - The premier lawyer of Peru. Hemming, Almagro, Diego de - Short, "with ugly features, but of great courage and endurance." Children: Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, Mama Anahuarque Coya. - Symbol: his son, Huaman Capac, in right hand, ax and shield in left. Copyright @ 2001-2019 COLORFULBABYNAMES.COM. Poma, Yahar Huacac- photo His writings are from about 1550. Hemming. - Huacas: Ch2.8 Guayllaurcaja, Ch8.11 Taxanamaro are associated with him. Quisquis 52. - Story: Handsome, white skin, bearded. See Ceque map. Kidadl is supported by you, the users. They were all killed. Encouraged the people of Cusco to grow potatoes. 1559 he began research into inca beliefs. - Atahualpa's head general. The only remaining ayllu member of Huascar. Born in Collasuyu, maybe at Tiahuanco. | Site 38. - Panaca: Raura. Manco's wife first saw the approaching spanish. Gonzalo led 20 calvary against them and captured Gen Tiso. She's a cousin of Huayna, daughter of Auqui Amaru Topa. He moved to Spain and then 49yrs later he wrote his chronicle, using many of the others and some his own. - Ruled: 1532 - 1533. Hemming, Martin, Don - native, given to Pizarro. He was the first to stab the unarmed Manco, 6 others joined in. 39. - Panaca: Iñaca. Niles, - Ruled: Paricia  The name of the Inca god of floods. Betanzos. The Incans are the Quechuan people residing in Cuzco Valley located in Peru. Murua, Sarmiento. 35. Home-maps | names | tribes | glossary | potatoes | religion | calendar | bibliography, 1. He was well received. 98. Bauer 4: 2 serpents with fringes in mouths. - Ruled: 1493 - 1525. Extended rule to Huanuco and additional million people. - Soon after Tupac's execution, Toledo had Carlos arrested. Cotapampa. He went on to chronicle the conquest. She went crazy after marriage. Quinuama  She is also known as the grain goddess. Hemming But Tupac refused to see him. Sarmiento / Niles, Soto, Hernado de - Conquistador. Or maybe killed by Carlos Inca, Puallu's jealous son. Guaman Poma - Son of an emissary of Huascar to Francisco Pizarro at Cajamarca. Interviewing Angelina's family he collected more details of Huayna Capac and Atahuallpa than others. Viracocha  This name means "oceanic foundation". The spanish followed in into a narrow canyon. Puna  The meaning of this is "partridge". - Sister-wife: Or Inti Cusi Guallpa. Sarmiento, Cobo, Pizarro. He became governor of Potosi, La Plata, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, and Chile, and the general of a fleet in search for Thomas Cavedish. - Primary wife: Mama Anahuarque Coya - beautiful, graceful from Choco. Prescott Inca names are rarely used baby names for boys. If you include nicknames, official titles and honorifics, some gods have hundreds of names! Niles, Titu Cusi He is given the job or overseeing the royal herds, later given to Huayna Capac. He would interview nobility from opposite families and try to determine the correct history. Maybe killed to make way for Titu Cusi. Manco personally killed them. All rights reserved. She died young leaving Huayna no children. Hemming. Hemming, Alonso Titu Atauchi - Grandson of Huayna Capac. Poma, He conquered the Chimu and removed their gold and silver-plated wood beams and had them sent to Cusco. Cobo Las Salinas - 1538 Apr 26. 91. The urin and hanan moieties have completed each other during the rule. If you are interested in historical names, then Incan names could top your list. 25. Niles, Cusi Rimac His regent was Atoc Sopa or Pumi Sopa. Viceroy Nunez Vela captured and imprisoned him. As cacique, he claimed most of the Yucay estate, many mamaconas, the entire Chicon canyon. Almagro was also captured and garrotted. Niles, Viracocha Inca - photo Betanzos/Niles Mani  The meaning of this is "a peanut". Hemming. von Hagen. They met in Opatari then continued into their expedition into Amazon. - Story: Chullcuchima - Atahuallpa's captured general to was put to trial by Pizarro. Ulu, (German Origin) meaning "mistress of all". Hemming, Quisquis - one of Atahualpa's three generals, in charge of conquering Cuzco. Thus, this name is preferred by some highly intelligent people. Betanzos, Yupanqui - surname given to Incan royal family by the spanairds. - Sister-wife: Chuquillanto Coya - beautiful, singer, breeding birds, no children. - Conquered: Conquered the Vilcabamba region. Children: Mayta Capac Inca, Chimbo Urma Mama Yachi, and Cuci Huanan Chire Inca. President Gasca chose this spot to cross the Apurimac. He became popular with the locals because of his medical abilities. Bingham See quipus. Callapina/Niles. Carlos was his heir. MacQuarrie. He calls a secret meeting of generals and govenors to discuss rebellion. Pedro was a nephew of Francisco and lived in Arequipa after the conquest. Bingham. The Aztecs might be dead long ago, but they are alive with us in several ways, including being a rich source of unique names for your child. 1542. Canine But he's old and cedes the position to Topa Inca and places the borla upon him. From the Antisuyu he asked for the hard palm wood. He was probably the father of Alonso Tito Atauchi, the "mummy custodian" of Huayna Capac. The Inca leader was the supreme leader of the upper moiety, the "hanan". Hyslop - Huacas: He is associated with Ch3.5, Ch6.5, Ch8.4, Ch9.2, Co6.7, and his brother's tomb: Ch5.8. He died in 1541. He became sapa inca of Vilcabamba when his brother Sayri left. Garcilaso/MacQuarrie. Betanzos - Sister-wife: 44. - 1535 Nov. Tambo Machay. Sarmiento. Together they had a daughter, Francisca. Hemming, Silva, Diego de - conquistador. 2: tree with tiger being. He stayed with his aunt. Poma - Sister-wife: First was Coya Cusirimay, premarriage name was Pillcu Huaco. 4. Silva gave it to the Jesuits. Cusi  The meaning of this is "joy or pleasure". Poma, 2. Titu Cusi became the Inca (term for the leader of the Inca people) from 1560 to 1571, usurping the throne.. ... Read More. The Kidadl Team is made up of people from different walks of life, from different families and backgrounds, each with unique experiences and nuggets of wisdom to share with you. Garcia was very strict and complained vocally to locals and Titu himself about polygamy, drunkeness, and idolatry. Chart | Vaccinations 100 African Last Names With Meanings And History, Top 100+ Best Korean Pet Names With Meanings, A Comprehensive List Of Santa's Reindeer Names. General Tiso organized the armies near Jauja. 1527/8 - 1532. Hemming, Balboa, Cabello - Published under the guidance of Viceroy Toledo, 1586. Niles Hemming, Candia, Pedro de - Conquistador. Orgonez fought bravely, but he was captured and be-headed and placed on display. He started in reclaiming Cuzco when he heard of Alavadro's defeat and Almagro's growing power. & Nutrition | Snake Bites & Vitamin C | 92. Worshiped Viracocha and wanted to destroy other idols and shrines, but did not. Mama Oullo  She is the Goddess of Spring. Parssinen, Atahuallpa Prescott. 96. He provided an excellent description the Coricancha. 47. Ekkeko  This is the name of the Inca god of abundance. Chinchaysuyu, the northern quarter, started in Colombia and ended in Cuzco. "Mother and son", part of "caste of serpents." He had been responsible for caring for Manco's body. He succeeded, captured Huascar, and began exterminating the remainder of Huascar's family. - Panaca: Chima. Axomamma This is the name of the goddess of potatoes, who is known for her generosity. Thus Pachacuti was in position of power. Calca. 88. Manco and Villac Umu leave Cuzco under the pretense of bringing gold back for Hernando. These American Indian people were conquered by Spanish people in 1532, but they still exist today. Urton Sarmiento, Murua, Balboa. Pachacuti Inca Yapanqui- photo - They lost and the Lupaca scored favor with the Incas. Priest to meet with Atahualpa, when Atahualpa reject the Bible, Valverde called for the conquistadors to strike. He designed and managed construction of Huayna's estate at Yucay. He was unable to force them to pay tribute, they had to trade. See Ceque map. He called it the House of Serpents and had mermaids carved over the lintels. This is another name that denotes bravery. 95. Inca Girl Names. He drew a map of the ceques. Ondegardo is the most probable author of the original ceque manuscript, which was copied for Cobo's book. One stone became tired and refused to move anywhere (see Sacsayhuaman). Titu had him killed for fear of a spanish gold rush. Lerma joined Almagro in attacking Alavadro. 30. Damyan — Damián. Alonso died at Potosi in 1610. Another force of 70 spanish approached from Apurimac R. MacQuarrie After an intimidating horse maneuvers, many incas showed fear. He accompanied Viceroy Toledo's invasion of Vilcabamba as a consultant. Son Huanya Capac responsible for moving stones from Cuzco to Quito. For more naming inspiration, take a look at this list of ancient baby names and these Aztec baby names. He died near the Mississippi.

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