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Renowned for his great strength and good looks (he was considered the second best-looking man in Greece), he is described as being fearless, courageous, and as having great combat intelligence. After Orion boasted of his plan to kill all wild beasts on Earth, Mother Earth grew concerned and sought assistance from Zeus. These are the amazing Greek pet names for dogs. Spartan: Spartans were the citizens of Sparta, a Greek city which stood out in its day for its singular dedication to the art of war. Name your dog Achilles if you mourned the loss of a treasured companion before allowing a new canine companion in your life. lol. Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty. Spartans were known to live a no-frills lifestyle, focusing from age seven and up on rigorous battle training. what would you recommend? Apollo: God of light and the sun, poetry, the healing arts, truth, and prophecy, and defender of herds and flocks, Apollo is one of the most important of the Olympian gods. Lame from birth, he is also husband of the beautiful and faithless Aphrodite, God of messages, he sends between the living and the underworld. My Chocolate lab has been teething. Get the more beautiful modern dog names from the below list. Odysseus sheds a tear for his old friend as he passes, then Argos lays down his head and dies. We’ve included their traditional meaning so you get the full scope of the name. They spend alternate days together in Hades and in the Heavens. Cadmus went with his mother to Thrace. Alectrona - Goddess of the sun. The below list includes great Greek … Keep in mind, the name you choose should reflect the qualities of the canine companion you're going to share your life with. Sisyphus was an ancient king that lived a debauched lifestyle and was a cunning cheat. Aether - God of light. As a result, Cassandra was viewed by her contemporaries as a lunatic, spouting strange impossibilities regarding the future. He is notable in the Trojan War first for his refusal to fight (dooming the Greek army to defeat), and then for rejoining the Greeks to avenge Hector’s killing of his friend Patroclus. I had a little guy named Tiger by the rescue center and everyone was afraid of him. I can't decide on a different name. Funom Theophilus Makama from Europe on February 24, 2014: LOL! His dog, Sirius, remained on Earth searching ceaselessly for his master. In the myth, the twins shared the same mother but had different fathers; Zeus was father of Pollux (which meant that Pollux was immortal) and Castor had a mortal father. Alectrona: Goddess of the sun. Thanks for the great suggestions on names. One head sees the past, one the present, and one the future. Name your dog Atticus if you want a kind, intelligent companion. Egyptian sphinx is male, while the Greek sphinx is depicted as female. Greek Titan Atlas makes a good name for a strong dog. Gentle, warm Zephyrus was the wind that guided Aphrodite to the sea of Paphos when she was born, and the only wind Odysseus allowed to help him find his way home to Ithaca. Cadmus: Legendary founder of Thebes. I will keep this in mind when I buy another dog, the one I have now has a British name 'cause he's a Welsh Corgi! Thank you for a fast response. Name your dog Titan if you need to subjugate a giant among dogs. Later, Zeus gifted Laelaps the Europa. offers many Greek pet names to choose from when naming your own pet. This continued until Cadmus was alone. I want a name for my dog(German shepherd)....can you suggest me a nice name please (some kind of furious,royal). Yes, I love the name Atticus and still love To Kill A Mocking Bird!

Filipino Names Generator, 56 Up Watch Online, Native American Beliefs About Trees, Aboriginal Perspective On Australia Day, Snow Peak Titanium Stove,



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