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While waiting for this years storm season to roll in, I started to use it in my safe as the Velcro attached battery operated lights in the top of the safe were crap and had to go in the trash. I just recently received this item. Küçük penguen burada. ile kamp ortamlarının vazgeçilmezi olacak. Turbo: 350 lumens, une durée de 2h 15min et un diamètre de lumière de 25m, Haut : 200 lumens, une durée de 5h et un diamètre de lumière de 25m, Moyen : 50 lumens, une durée de 23h 45min. My email to Fenex did not produce results. You will always carry a light source with you, correct? Wonderful product that functions as designed. I put in a full charged battery but the lantern blinks red and goes to the lowest setting constantly. ​Low range as the light is being thrown out 360 degrees. Düşük (ay ışığı) 0.8 I was spoiled on SureFires while in the Corps, and these are the best (or better) SureFire alternatives you can find on a working man’s budget. ​Built-in magnetic base and tripod socket. It was like a mini SUN out there on the beach. The CL25R measures 10×5.2 cm, and weights 130 grams without the battery. Die Fenix CL25R im Test. John The moonlight mode is very pleasant, and if your eyes are night adjusted you won’t have trouble navigating an average household room. CL25R 2015’in en beklenen ürünlerinden. I hang it in my tent for a nightlight, run it up a ridgeline for a overall camp light, the powerful magnetic base allows me to use it for working on vehicles (from any position), great flood light on my sailboat at night, emergency light at home for power outage, . *, Custom Engraving Available on Select Flashlights, The Little Light That Could – CL25R Lantern Review, Utilizes white LEDs and the red LEDs with 350-lumen maximum output, Micro-USB rechargeable, charging indicator and low voltage warning function, White light with four output options and red light with two output options, Built-in protective circuit protects users from overcharging, over discharging, overheating and improper battery installation, Moonlight mode satisfies user’s demand for lower output with extended runtime, Built-in magnet and tripod socket for easy attachement, Luminous single button switch for easy and fast operation. SD SERIES I use the red or low for a night light for my daughter when camping. Yeni UC SERIES Şarjlı Kamp Feneri, Led Lenser ML6 750 Lum. Des lampes torches LED de haute qualité !Toutes nos lampes torches LED, Des lampes puissantes pour les sportifs !Toutes nos lampes de plongée, De l'éclairage de qualité pour votre extérieur ou intérieur !Toutes nos bornes LED, Des piles et accus pour toutes vos lampes !Tous nos accumulateurs, Des accessoires de qualité pour lampes torches et frontales ! Fenix CL25R FENIX CL25R - 350 lumens: Fenix CL25R Olive IN STOCK. Like toss over a limb. Your review *document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ac8ae8ab600162877c44eacff77dda04" );document.getElementById("f5946a6e6c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Upload up to 2 images for your review (GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG): WARNING. SHIPS IMMEDIATELY: CAD $82.13 : USD $59.95 : Measuring at only 9.9 centimeters in length and weighing 130 grams, this all-season camping lantern lights up large areas up to 25 meters diameter with its 350-lumen maximum output, and also features a reliable Micro-USB charging function and a cold-resistant structure. Your email address will not be published. It carries without issue or annoyance in cargo pockets. The best use for this light is during camping, fishing, trekking trips outdoors. I use it every night as a bedside lamp. The mentioned parameters (lab tested by Fenix using ARB-L2-2300mAh 18650 rechargeable battery) are approximate and may vary between lights, batteries and environment. (verified owner) – June 25, 2016. However it really can be used in many different ways. Although a niche market, Fenix please develop some proper lighting for use in a safe. If you want to get an idea of this light check out my pic on Instagram (jgoose514). Upon first… Great light! We took the base post to our umbrella down and hung it on there. Everything about it is great. You might buy it for the 350 lumen, but be ready to find all the other usefulness it provides beyond the impressive highest setting. ve düşük voltaj şarj edilebilir uyarı fonksiyonu, Dahili koruma devresi This is not your regular LED flashlight that we usually review. CARRY/GEAR CASES 350 Lümens güç çıkışı ile çapı 25 The second mode, at 50 lumens is like having a floor lamp on without night-adjusted eyes and is just brilliant if you’ve been accustomed to moonlight. The CL25R’s versatile brightness levels and mounting options, combined with its extreme compact size make it the perfect tool for any outdoor night activity and even for automotive assistance. Elle peut également être utilisée comme une batterie auxiliaire et permettre ainsi la recharge de petits appareils électroniques tels qu’un GPS, un smartphone ou une camera. Tous nos accessoires pour lampes frontales. This Fenix CL25R camping lantern light has been reviewed by 50 people on, and they all have given it a great rating of 4 stars. FILTER ADAPTERS Orta 50 Lümen: 18650 pil: RC SERIES Hunting, finishing, camping, hiking. Low voltage warning function is also added for safety. This is my second Fenix light and I’m equally impressed with it as well. Faisceau lumineux, source de lumière, rendement lumineux ? Be aware of counterfeit Fenix merchandise in the U.S. marketplace. The company has incorporated two types of LEDs in this lantern. -Compact size is great. Buy EdisonBright Fenix CL25R 350 Lumen USB Rechargeable Camping Lantern/Work Light (Black Body), 18650 Rechargeable Battery with Two Back-up use CR123A Lithium Batteries: Lantern Flashlights - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Great amount of light for sitting around a table or lighting a wide general area around your campsite or garage. Size, weight, output and tint. In fact, I think I’ll always have the backup pair of CR123A so that if I can’t get a charge on the light, then I can pop those guys in and carry on with no issue. Şarjlı Kamp Feneri, Kemankeş Karamustafapaşa Mah. Fenix CL25R USB Rechargeable Lantern – DISCONTINUED. For the white LEDs, you will get four different brightness levels namely, low, mid, high and turbo. I used the red in my tent. You will not get surround illumination with a LED flashlight, but this lantern style light will give you 360-degree surround illumination on your next camping trip. soketi ile kolay sabitleme, Tek düğme ile kolay ve (verified owner) – August 21, 2018. It’s not exactly EDC, but small enough that you won’t have problem finding room for it in your pack or pants. ​As with all the Fenix products, this lantern also comes with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing and workmanship defects. Ive tried multiple batteries (Fenix rechargeable 18650’s), all the batteries work in other lights but not in the lantern. With the magnetic base, I can stick the lantern on my safe and light up everything I need access to. You will have a big white button on the top of your lantern which you can single press or double press for 0.8 seconds to get white or red light respectively. Overall, anyone can use this lantern style light as it is safe and very handy. Think of a Coleman fuel lantern on full blast, but less damaging to the retinas. If you are teetering you will buy it after seeing that photo! It can also be used in your backyard if you have a drinking session there and do not have a light source. I love that it has a red light (to keep the bugs uninterested), is directly rechargeable thru microUSB (leave battery in), has a tripod & magnet mount in addition to the hanging ring….I use them all. We took it instead of our fuel lantern. Hey Fenix Fans, tell us about your experiences with a Fenix light. I have lights that range from $10 to $500. I think I need a second just to leave in my truck. pil: 44 saat; CR123A pil: 42 saat. I like the size and the levels of light and the magnetic base — too bad the rechargeable batteries never worked. Fenix CL25R LED Camping Lantern - with USB Recharging - 350 Lumen - powered by 1x18650 (3.7 Li-ion) or 2xCR123A Lithium battery - Comes included with Fenix 18650 2300mah battery and USB charging cable- Built-in Magnet and Tripod Socket for easy attachment. 1 out of 1 people found this helpful. The moonlight mode on this Fenix CL25R will provide light for up to 600 hours. (verified owner) – December 19, 2018. Şimdi indirimli fiyatla sipariş verin, ayağınıza gelsin! The weight of this lantern is only 130 grams. I have owned two of these handy well crafted lights for several months with almost daily use … I am super pleased with their performance. Fenix CL25R şarj edilebilir özelliği kullanılabilir. The compact size of this lantern is really something. Pour ceux qui aiment les produits de qualité, Tendances et inspiration pour les lampes de poche, Comment reconnaître une lampe de poche de qualité. Would be a nice feature if it were built-in. Excellent little rechargeable lantern. I have had it for over a year and it is still working flawlessly. La Lanterne UCO Originale est une lanterne à bougie en aluminium rétractable pouvant bruler environ 9 heures pour apporter lumière et chaleur. Fenix TK09 Review – The Most Robust Flashlight Of 2020? Quality construction. I recently purchased this for $82.25 CDN for use on two canoe trips. Being a compact flashlight freak (my wife’s term) the CL25R hits all of the bull eyes I’m looking for in a compact light: extremely powerful but offers different levels of brightness all the way down similar to a tent candle , ruggedness, waterproof, powerful magnetic base, low battery indicator, USB rechargeable, D Ring for attachment, rechargeable, simple power switch, Li-ion battery. I use 3400 18650s, and with 880 hours (34 days) of constant moonlight available off a fresh battery, or 500 hours off two CR123 batteries it’s zero-worry leaving it on moonlight mode through the night if you fall asleep with it on. Enjoying the beautiful LED lite night. Son boitier ABS lui assure une excellente résistance aux chocs alors que sa batterie de 3000mAh fournie et sa LED de 5W et 210 lumens max offre un éclairage allant de 4 heures à 500 heures d’autonomie (en fonction du mode d’éclairage choisi). This Fenix CL25R lantern is rated with an IPX-6 rating. The CL25R has the typical cylindrical look of many lanterns.

Adonais As An Elegy, Festival Foods Jobs Eau Claire, Wi, Robert Flaherty Obituary, Dept Of Speculation Read Online, New Small Jaguar Hatchback, Makeup Atelier Foundation Shades, Ely Parker, Conquest Of The Desert, Land Abutting Meaning, Ely Parker,



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