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Davidson, 2015 second strong earthquake due to critical lunar geometry in June 2020. convergence of critical planetary and lunar geometry 3-6 May 2020, convergence of critical planetary and lunar geometry 20-21 March 2020, convergence of critical planetary and lunar geometry 10-11 February 2020, convergence of critical planetary and lunar geometry 26-28 January 2020. The last time this alignment occurred was on 28 September 2019. A new model of the SSGI chart is introduced with version 5.0 of Solpage. The city, of approximately 1 million residents, was ordered to be evacuated the day before the quake struck. The tremor had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 7.5 and occurred at 20:54 UTC. Tell a friend about … Today, September 25th, at 14:00 UTC, IONOTERRA team finalized a successful P.O.C. Ask yourself what’s going to happened with them in a decade. time for people to move to a safe location, to switch off machinery and gas supplies, etc. period the average Magnitude of the seismic events was 2.58 RS. We remind you that the daily schedule for forecast issuing is 11:00 UTC - 21:00 UTC, which is covering 14:00 UTC - 24:00 UTC events time range. of earth movements in areas prone to earthquakes, there has yet to be a scientifically confirmed prediction of a A tsunami wave is very different from a normal ocean wave. If the same occurs along faultlines, it could generate millions of volts. It is an event which occurs during or at the end of an entire process, which IONOTERRA is able to monitor and understand in order to issue over 91% accurate forecasts”. Also, not all alignments are the same and their electromagnetic influence greatly depends on the planets involved. Where the crust is sufficiently deformed, it may develop cracks known as faults.   OTF 2017 Presentation On the 21st a quake watch was issued with emphasis on the 23rd and 24th because of two planetary alignments on the 20th and 21st, both involving Jupiter. If for example statistics say that a magnitude 6 earthquake occurs every 2.7 days on average, it does not mean that this is what usually happens. NOTE; We have been systematically studying the structure and behavior of earthquakes in the physical and natural world through observation and experiment since 2005. Today, September 16th 2019, IONOTERRA system finished its Maintenance works in both sites. Just as in 2017 and 2018, such a drought was likely to end with a high 7 to 8+ magnitude earthquake. world. By examining historic records, and making deductions based on local geology, it is generally The Solar System Geomtry Index (SSGI) is used as an indicator for possible larger seismic activity on Earth. However there is much dispute as to whether this constitutes a prediction, or Mission statement for now is : CORONA FREE R&D, Co-Founder WAZE, Uri Levine, refers to first earthquake prediction system to be offered for free to US authorities during Proof of Work mid 2020, following 90% accurate Proof of Concept. On 25 May a warning was issued that there would be exceptionally high lunar peaks in the first three weeks of June. On 24 January 2020 a strong earthquake occurred in Eastern Turkey. Blaunstein N., and M. Hayakawa, ” Short-term ionospheric precursors of earthquakes using vertical and oblique ionosondes”, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, vol. Several buildings collapsed and dozens of people were killed. Earthquake prediction, earthquake news, fracking. Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2018 by Space Weather News, LLC & 9Rese' LLC |, Learn more about why coronal holes are important earthquake factors here. move it from side to side. 21 forecasts out of 68, representing 30.89%, were within the margin error. The published information is obtained by the IONOTERRA team from sources considered to be reliable and accurate, but there is no guarantee that this is the case. The same experimental Proof of Work will be performed as well in Romania, in partnership with Bucharest Politehnica University and Romanian authorities, a project led by Prof. Mihnea Costoiu, Rector and former Minister of Education. There isn't a mechanism that explains this. Tell a friend about   -    – Enjoy professional help from lab report writing service with a team of experts. On 1 September 2020 a strong earthquake occurred in Atacama, Chile. intermediate strength quakes every y years, and small ones every z years. An additional M 6.1 earthquake occurred on the 7th. It is often stated that earthquakes happen all the time or that planetary alignments happen all the time. During September 2019, IONOTERRA successfully accomplished a public forecast session targeting Western Turkey and Eastern Greece, which returned over 90% accuracy. A series of high peaks like these makes it practically impossible to isolate three days time-frames. Public earthquake forecasting is now open. The system will resume predictions on Monday - September 23rd 10:00 UTC and will be operational again. If you keep up the gentle pressure then sooner or later the brick will If the crust on either side of a fault is trying Earthquake Prediction A discussion on the feasibility of predicting earthquakes. 2018 7 November 2020, 9:27 UTC The only recorded successful earthquake prediction was that of the 1975 magnitude 7.3 event in Haicheng, China. 21 forecasts out of 68, representing 30.89%, were within the margin error. On 13 February 2020 a strong earthquake occurred at the Kuril Islands. The tremors were felt across western Turkey, including in Istanbul, as well as in the Greek capital of Athens. merely a sensible precaution that paid off. As many predictions are held confidentially, or published in obscure locations, and become notable only when they are claimed, there may be a selection bias in that hits get more attention than misses. A tsunami, or 'tidal wave', is caused when something suddenly displaces a large volume of water. Impending earthquakes have been sending us warning signals — and people are starting to listen Prof. Dr. Nathan Blaunshtein – Chief Scientist IONOTERRA. size will occur in a particular area, at some time during a given time period. So far, the new model looks promising. The tremor with an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 6.8 occurred at 7:35 UTC. OTF 2017 Presentation 2018 Model Update and Changes, STATISTICS – BECOME AN EARTHQUAKE FORECASTER – LOGIN – POST YOUR FORECAST  – RISK-MAP TOOL, Earthquake Forecasting & Prediction [Read More] The tremor had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 7.4 and occurred at 12:49 UTC. Moon: Earth-Neptune 2020-08-20, 16:44:08 0°00'00", Mercury-Sun-Jupiter 2020-08-12, 3:32:22 294°29'40", Mercury-Sun-Earth 2020-08-17, 14:53:29 324°52'22", critical planetary geometry from 25 to 29 October, atmospheric electricity around 1432 mV before the earthquake, convergence of critical planetary and lunar (LSG) geometry 17-18 October 2020, atmospheric electricity around 1427 mV prior to the earthquake, critical lunar geometry on 16 September 2020 involving Mars and Saturn. The tremor had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 7.0 and occurred at 11:51 UTC. Format. 2016 These kind of statements are too general. SRL “Real Progres”, Balti, Moldova. Watch the video. Or the movement of ice sheets or glaciers On 25 May a warning was issued that there would be exceptionally high lunar peaks in the first three weeks of June. third strong earthquake due to critical lunar geometry in June 2020. atmospheric electricity went into a 5 mV band 32 hours earlier. 25 years entrepreneurial experience in the Medical field , establishing & managing chains of medical centers in Israel and Eastern Europe from Business Plan to M&A. Mr. Doron Angelovitch, CEO IONOTERRA is explaining that “an earthquake is not a spontaneous event. Mysterious lightning flashes that appear to precede earthquakes could be sparked by movements in the ground below, US scientists say. Laboratory of Informatics. 2020-10-30 03:14:58 (UTC-07:00) 515.3 km. impact on the buildup and release of stresses. There appears to be a correlation between larger earthquakes - typically over 6 magnitude - and amplified electromagnetic waves in the Solar System. 47 out of 68 confirmed forecasts, representing 69.11%, have been 100% confirmed by the EMSC/CSEM, in terms of predicted Location, Time Frame and Magnitude. A strong earthquake occurred on the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge on 18 September 2020 at 21:43 UTC. earthquake accurately specified. depth: 64 km, Mw 7.0 forecast, for example, that a large earthquake will occur over the next 24 hours in a particular area. the earth vibrates from side to side relative to the direction of travel of the wave. The system, in its final configuration, will enable Ionoterra to monitor, survey and predict Earthquakes 8 hours in advance in 6 different Countries/Regions simultaneously, by providing for each upcoming seismic event the 3W Parameters: When, Where & What magnitude. Sitemap - Site map. R&D is finalized after a long term research of more than 25 years in the fields of Ionosphere, Radio propagation and over-horizon radar systems, resulting with many international academic publications such as: At present IONOTERRA holds an Advanced Technology of ionospheric tomography combined with a novel ionosonde that can obtain a useful signal “embedded” into the clutter (e.g., noisy ionospheric plasma environment). Sometimes there are no alignments for more than a week or even two weeks.   The earthquake occurred about three days after critical planetary geometry occurred in the solar system, which was estimated to potentially trigger larger seismic activity, possibly reaching magnitude 7 in the following three days. Visit Paper Written to get high-quality paper help. Step 3: See Where the Lows are Going.

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