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Cook and stir the sausage, onion, and garlic in a 12-inch cast iron Dutch oven with lid, raised over … This is the sort of food you'll pay top dollar for at fine dining restaurants but is actually very easy to make at home. The trick to crispy skinless chicken thighs is to cook longer on a lower heat. Side of veggies, maybe salad! Packed with ham, chicken and Swiss cheese and topped with Pillsbury biscuits, it’s an easy weeknight dinner that the whole family will love—even the picky eaters! Add potatoes for a complete one-pot meal. Love chicken cordon bleu, but don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen? This makes a 9×13’s worth, so you’ll have plenty to feed a crowd...or tons of leftovers!, Oh these are quite delish!!! Find recipes for braises, stews, fried chicken, and bread, all made in your Dutch oven. I'm pretty much obsessed with casseroles in general, because I love to just throw everything into a dish, then, Lemon Butter Chicken - Easy crisp-tender chicken with the creamiest lemon butter sauce ever. You'll love the terrific garlic flavour in this - seared on the crust and in the sauce. This all-in-one Parmesan crusted chicken and rice bake makes an easy and delicious dinner. Look no further than these cheesy potatoes with hash browns baked in a casserole. This easy recipe for whole roast chicken is cooked in a dutch oven and has crispy skin smothered in lemon, garlic, rosemary butter! Looking for an easy chicken casserole recipe? Are you ready for a tasty Cheesy Potato Casserole recipe? Published at Serious Eats by Nick Kindlesperger, adapted from a recipe in _I'm Just Here For the Food_ by Alton Brown. Loaded with chicken, rice and plenty of cheddar cheese, this easy casserole is the definition of cozy comfort food. #chicken #casserole #chickencasserole. Make this in a large oven proof pot, or see notes if you don't have one. This chicken and rice casserole dinner from is the easiest decision you'll make all week. Creamy spinach-artichoke dip gets the casserole treatment in this hearty bubble-up bake that will have even the pickiest eaters asking for seconds. The bread comes out very crusty and with huge holes throughout, just like at the bakery. Apr 18, 2020 - Explore Joyful8's board "Dutch Oven + Casserole Recipes" on Pinterest. Looking for recipes that use a Dutch oven? Carrots, celery, onion and potato make this a filling meal so you won't need a side - except perhaps some crusty bread to dunk in the sauce! Burger night will never be the same once you whip up this satisfying cheeseburger hot dish that only requires a 20 minute prep time. | #BreakfastRecipe #Breakfast #BrunchDish #BrunchRecipe. Get Braised Short Ribs Recipe from Food Network. Simply incredible! Recipe video above. Comfort food at its best in this easy meal. 4 good sized cubed steaks 1 cup flour 1 pkg lipton onion sou…. Get Garlic & Herb Roasted Shrimp Recipe from Food Network, Get Cheesy Beef and Potato Hash Recipe from Food Network. Classic pot pie gets a tasty makeover in this super-easy crescent-topped casserole. #cheeseburgerpie #dinner #casserole, Hashbrown Beef Bake! ... Bake in a Dutch oven or heavy casserole dish. Recipe video above. Baked with noodles, seasoned ground beef, cheese and vegetables, this hearty recipe is perfect for busy nights. This casserole is packed full of meat, green beans, corn, soup, and cheese for a totally satisfying dinner! With chicken, stuffing, broccoli and a few other simple ingredients - it's so comforting. It's pasta based with beef, cheese, and peppers which is sure to please everyone! Yum! Whether or not you grew up in the Midwest, this classic tater tot hotdish (otherwise known as a casserole to you non-Midwesterners) is a dinnertime favorite, no matter where you're from. It only requires 10 minutes of prep time before going into the oven. Ok here is what you will need. When it comes to easy casseroles, it doesn't get much easier (or tastier!) This Hashbrown Hamburger Casserole with Veggies and Cheese Recipe makes an excellent all-in-one-dish dinner recipe. It's an easy, hearty, and delicious meal that will feed the entire family. #thatlowcarblife #lowcarb #keto #pork #recipe, Recipe VIDEO above. Serve with noodles, baked potato, maybe rice. This Philly Cheese Steak Casserole is such an easy delicious dinner! (And really, it's SIMPLE!). It's nice and saucy, rather than being stodgy and so thick you can cut into it like cake, so there's extra cheese sauce to spoon over once served. This yummy recipe is full of cheesy beefy flavor that everyone loves. Fresh rosemary and thyme add rich, herbal resonance to this hearty roast. This is like the broccoli version of Mac and Cheese! It’s a freezer-friendly dish, too…and it’s delicious! Impossible Cheeseburger Pie - Super easy and delicious! This recipe is comfort food at it’s finest! Get all the great beefy, cheesy flavors of traditional Philly cheese steaks in convenient casserole form using ground beef and Pillsbury™ refrigerated biscuits. Contest Winning Broccoli Chicken Casserole, Crack Chicken Casserole - creamy chicken casserole loaded with cheddar, bacon and ranch. See more ideas about Recipes, Cooking recipes, Casserole recipes. A creamy mix of ground beef, green beans, tater tots and melted cheese, this retro tater tot hotdish recipe delivers hearty comfort food deliciousness. You'll want to keep this Easy Ground Beef Pot Pie Recipe tucked away for those nights when you don't have much time, or are too tired to cook. Recipe video above. Tender broccoli smothered in a creamy garlic-parmesan cheese sauce. Garlic Butter Pork Tenderloin - ready in 30 minutes and bursting with garlic flavor! Use a rotisserie chicken for easy prep! Tater Tot Casserole is a classic comfort food made with ground beef, tater tots, cheesy and a creamy beef sauce topped with cheese. Plus, it’s not hard to make! It is already on the menu again this week! This is a great one to get … This Chicken and Broccoli Casserole has got to be one of my favorite weeknight dinner options. #tatertotcasserole #tatertotcasserolegroundbeef #easytatertotcasserole #thesaltymarshmallow #tatertotcasserolerecipes #casserolerecipes. Combine your family's favorite burger toppings in an easy cheeseburger casserole covered with a flaky crescent dough sheet. than this. RECIPE VIDEO ABOVE. #casserole #easydinner #weeknightdinner #groundbeef. This is a family favorite modified with healthier ingredients! The whole family LOVED this easy chicken casserole. This cheesy chicken bake recipe gets a crunchy topping made from extra cheese and buttery bread crumbs, and finished off with a bit of chopped fresh parsley for a seriously irresistible dinner—trust us, you’re going to want seconds. Frozen meatballs and cream of mushroom soup make an unsuspecting duo in this simple casserole. This Chicken Stuffing Bake recipe is a hassle-free 45 minute meal. Supremely tender, this takes cube steak and elevates it to the next level, braising it in a sauce inspired by Salisbury steak. They come together in this Bacon Ranch Chicken Tater Tot Casserole recipe that is sure to be a hit! One-Pot Pasta. This Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole Recipe from is the best. Chicken & Bacon Alfredo Casserole, a wonderfully comforting dish that has layers of Alfredo goodness. Oven is best but stove/slow cooker/pressure cooker/IP also work, directions in notes. Then this twist on the traditional chicken cordon bleu recipe is for you! Slow cooked chicken with ultra tender flesh and outrageous crispy skin smothered in a gravy-like sauce that's lip smackingly delicious. Tender, succulent pork fillet seasoned with a rub, seared until golden then baked in a Honey Garlic Sauce until sticky on the outside and juicy on the inside. Chicken, bacon, ranch, and cheese are family favorites! Hamburger casserole is one-dish comfort food at it's finest. This cheesy casserole is comfort food at it's easiest! You only need 10 minutes of prep for this easy Dump-and-Bake Chicken Alfredo Pasta Casserole! The secret to this crazy-good casserole is a two-ingredient sun-dried tomato sauce topper. Feed your family with Ree Drummond's Perfect Pot Roast recipe from Food Network. Dutch ovens are perfect for making one-pot pasta recipes. Wine provides complexity and depth of flavour so you only need a few ingredients! Best Ever Tater Tot Casserole is a classic comfort food recipe that everyone loves! Chicken, cheddar, bacon, ranch seasoning, sour cream, cream of chicken soup. A fantastic quick and easy chicken thigh recipe!

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