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Learn more here . There is a seven-day length of stay limit. This museum is home to a wide variety of pieces and is a great way to be immersed in a world of art for a day. No matter what you’re shopping for, you’ll probably find it at the Tucson Mall. An out-of-this-world scene envelopes visitors at Saguaro National Park near Tucson, Arizona, when they find themselves surrounded by giant cacti for miles and miles. You can contact Saguaro National Park at . Try the heart-pounding the 8.8-mile Douglas Spring Trail or the 11-mile Tanque Verde Ridge Trail. To learn about other options, click here. (See what we did there?) Fall and spring are ideal times for a visit. The Saguaro National Park offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, fishing and hiking. Unique North Coast getaways. Welcome to Saguaro National Park. This page contains affiliate links. Although technically not within Saguaro National Park, the Gilbert Ray Campground is the nearest developed campground to the park. The staff of Saguaro National Park invites you to experience America in a way that only the Sonoran Desert can offer. 4. No worries! Special moonlight hikes are also offered, although many require reservations. Share your photos and the details of your trip with us by sending them to [email protected] or you can tag us on social media. Each package contains a 20-page activity booklet and tools to help complete the activity booklets. Guided hikes, mountain biking and other guided hikes are often offered during the season. The giant saguaro is the universal symbol of the American west. Camping near Saguaro National Park is easy with Hipcamp, where private landowners offer one-of-a-kind camping experiences. Of course, you could also go ahead and make the long trek to Arizona by driving an RV. Saguaro National Park is an enigma to the adventurer. Permits are no longer available on the day of departure (noon) and are charged $5 for the first day and $3 for every day after that. Request this Free Visitor GuideRequested! Diamond J RV Park Tucson's Newest and most affordable 4 Star Rated Adult RV Park rv campgrounds. Tucson, Arizona is home to the nation's largest cacti. Stroll the park’s longest (4.9-mile) Hugh Norris Trail at sunset, or follow the ridge at dawn up to the 2,130-foot-high summit for a dazzling view of the surrounding mountains a. Here are some of our favorite museums located near Saguaro National Park. Recreate responsibly during COVID-19. Cactus Country RV Park is open year-round and offers its RV campsites for daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Tucson Mountain Park, Coronado National Forest A wonderful opportunity to learn about life in the desert, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum features a variety of exhibits, including a number of wild animals. Tucson Mountain Park's (Gilbert Ray Campground). Pets must also remain on a leash at all times and are not allowed in any of the RV Park’s buildings or in the pool area. You’re going to want that much time to see things. Happy Camping! Additionally, having an RV with you makes camping a much more comfortable experience once you do arrive. There are six wilderness camps accessible only on foot or on horseback, and there are no campsites in the Saguaro National Park Wilderness Area or Rincon Mountain District. For more information, please call the park or write to the Visitor Center at (855) 888-467-3200 or call ahead. Choose from a privately owned park or go with a public camping area. It does cool off a bit in the winter months—when the daytime temperatures hover around 65°F—but summer temps can reach 110°F on the hottest days. Book a stay in our coastal cabins, cottages, lighthouses for a memorable holiday. An amazing scenic roadway with some incredible views, Gates Pass is another one of the gorgeous nature areas to check out in this area, and the perfect place to take an afternoon drive. Kartchner Caverns State Park, Colossal Cave Mountain Park © 2020 Hipcamp, Inc. All rights reserved. This fun attraction features a wide variety of miniatures that guests can enjoy marveling at for hours on end. Reach the Rincon Mountain District by driving south on Freeman Road and east on Broadway Speedway. Some of the camping areas are up to 100 miles from Tucson. Of course, if you’re going to visit Saguaro, you’ll want to be sure to actually enjoy it. I have listed links to most of the public camping area around Tucson to the left. Need a bit of shopping fun while you’re in town? 5. Sentinel Peak RV Park is located close to the center of Tucson AZ about 13.5 miles from the western side of Saguaro National Park and 22 miles from the eastern side. Photo from The Dyrt user Kelly Z. There are six campgrounds … Do you love art? Youths 15 and under are admitted for free. Getting excited about your visit to Saguaro National Park? Fortunately, there are plenty of camping options in and near Saguaro National Park. The programs are available all year round except on Christmas Day, and you can borrow Discovery Packs and borrow them with your child's activity booklets, the park said. Public Campgrounds . Terrain: Well marked; some stairs; beautiful wildflowers; cool rock formations, Terrain: Great for running; no shade; lots of wildlife and saguaro cacti, Terrain: Paved; beautiful views; plenty of cacti; easy stroll, Terrain: Waterfall looks best in winter or spring; some steep spots; little to no shade, Terrain: Beautiful mountain views; views of historical homes; never too steep, Terrain: Some steep stairs; gorgeous views; ends at the top of a mountain, Terrain: Gradual incline; lots of wildlife; beautiful views of the city. This is an excellent place to find unique souvenirs and gifts. Amtrak serves Tucson, Arizona, and the city of Tucson operates public bus lines in the city itself. Prefer to know directions before you go? Be sure to try some incredible Mexican food while you’re in the area, but don’t limit yourself to only one type of cuisine, because there are plenty of other awesome options as well. Please resist the urge to through yourself in their welcoming, outstretched arms. Icons made by Freepik from For this reason, thousands flock to Saguaro each year to drive and hike the hot desert in search of these majestic and beautiful cacti. The easily accessible western (Tucson Mountain) section is half plains, half mountains. These cacti, which bear a slight resemblance to trees, can grow to over 40 feet tall and are only found in 3 areas of the world, with one being the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. It's a very nice county park and is situated in the Tucson Mountain Park very near the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (a must stop) and Saguaro National Park West. Looking for a pair of hiking boots? Take in the soaring saguaro cacti at this massive national park in Tucson. The Junior Ranger Discovery Pack program is free, but you will need a pass to test the Discovery Packs. Camping. 3693 S Old Spanish Trail The entrance is on the right side of Kinney Road and the entrance to Gates Pass Road is south of the park entrance on Speedway Boulevard. Many visitors enjoy hiking the park, while others prefer the scenic drives. There are many short trails here. RVers are welcome to start a campfire in their RV park’s fire ring, but RVers will need to bring their own firewood with them. Choose from a privately owned park or go with a public camping area. Young children will love the Junior Ranger program offered here, and people of all ages can learn from the awesome ranger-led activities that are almost always on the schedule. Visitors of all ages are fascinated and enchanted by the unique desert creatures, from the lush green grasses and wild flowers of the desert lawns to the sweet fruits that the Sanguaro cacti provide to hungry desert animals. Trails can take you... Backpacking. Address: 3693 South Old Spanish Trail Tucson, AZ 85730, Website: We’re excited for you! 6. In these cases, museums are an awesome opportunity to continue your adventures indoors. Tucson , AZ That’s why the Pima Air and Space Museum is such a popular destination for people of all ages. These cacti can only be found in the Sonoran Desert, and have become a well-known symbol of the hot, dry American West. Guests can choose to pay the one-visit fee and enjoy the park for 7 consecutive days, or they can purchase an annual pass and enjoy numerous national parks all year long. 85730. These camp sites are not accessible by vehicles and must be hiked to. Traveling to Saguaro National Park by car is easy. Start your trip with plenty of potable water, and plan your trip according to water availability. Tucson is full of awesome restaurants, making it the perfect place for a meal out. RV rentals are a great way to get your hands on a great getaway rig without making the huge investment required to purchase a motorhome or trailer. Manning Camp has no permanent spring and cannot freeze in the winter months, but it has permanent springs and water is seaworthy in the wild.

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