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What are its weaknesses? Irons is where I need the most work and I know it’s a really big part of the game. (tested with same shafts). Read on to find out what you need to know about the iron to make an informed purchase. ), another model of irons, another model of wedges and another model of putter. shares. I’ve been golfing for some time now. Glad you found the review helpful. The KBS Tour V steel stock shaft is “built to maximize energy transfer”; it offers smooth feel and a penetrating ball flight with faster ball speeds. For me the apex pro 14 stands above all. They are certainly on the expensive side for irons, but there’s no doubt that they’re top-quality — the glowing reviews from customers who have actually put down the money can attest to that. Got any tips for me? My golf game is really bad and needs some improving. You can find some pretty terrific deals there. Want a high-resolution look at the Apex Pro irons? As the “players” brother to the Callaway Apex iron, the Apex Pro is designed to offer a more compact look, premium feel and superb workability. The 5 iron has a stock length of 38 inches and the clubs are built with a swingweight of D1 to D2, depending on shaft selection. share. Top 50 Classic Courses in Great Britain & Ireland, Top 35 Modern Courses in Great Britain & Ireland, Golfweek's Best Courses You Can Play 2020: North Dakota. Specifications for the Apex Pro iron and the KBS Tour V shaft can be found below: Countless golfers have remarked that the Apex Pro irons are quite forgiving for players irons, and this is what I found during my testing as well. As the “players” brother to the Callaway Apex iron, the Apex Pro is designed to offer a more compact look, premium feel and superb workability. I definitely am interested in trying out these irons, but i have a couple questions: how would they benefit me as a beginner? pin. Good luck! Please check your email for a confirmation. The following is a comprehensive review of the Callaway Apex Pro irons, a forged better-player offering that earned a gold medal on the Golf Digest 2014 and 2015 Hot Lists. Could this be the year a rookie wins the Masters? tweet. I’ve compared them to ping s55/ titleist 716 ap2/mizzy mp54/anser forged and Cally x forged 13s and 18s along with the apex pro16s. What I’m wondering is if you think it a good idea to mix and match brands or should I stick to just one? How these companies all rank in terms of being the “best” is completely subjective. Very thorough and helpful. People will often have a certain model of woods (driver, etc. Callaway Apex Pro 16 irons. Hey thanks so much for the review. Typical trajectories tend to be mid-high and penetrating, and therefore perform well in the wind. The Apex Pro irons have the clean, compact and elegant look characteristic of most players irons. Feel is balanced and stable at address and throughout the swing; it’s the quality you would expect from a forged players iron, and Callaway certainly doesn’t fail to deliver here. ​It is common for golfers, particularly the pickier/skilled ones, to mix and match different brands. sms. The Apex Hybrids do go well with the Apex Pro irons in the sense that they’re also players/Tour clubs; however, just like with the Apex Pro irons, you’ll have to take into account your individual swing, needs and preferences and evaluate whether or not they’d be a good fit for you. One very popular page I would point you to is this​, where I go over several key golf swing tips valuable to beginners, amateurs and even more experienced golfers. I tend to prefer players irons like these because, aside from liking the slimmer look, I figure that if I can “master” them in a sense, I’d be able to do well with any iron (game-improvement included). I’m going to check out your website a little more. Click the button and the links in this article to be taken to the best buying destinations. Shots struck low on the face (thin) will produce an impressive carry. The Apex Pro irons are also great for high handicaps who want to challenge themselves to get better. How will the weather affect the 2020 Masters? document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad23b5b89d7bb3d542da307e1d1d07e2" );document.getElementById("g6c66ef2ac").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); A relevant ad is run on the sidebar in order to support the upkeep of Golfstead. Personally, I know that when I think about them as an investment that will last me for many years (5+) to come, it doesn’t feel like the expenditure amounts to all that much in the long run. While the Apex Pro irons stand out material wise and performance wise, it seems the price is the only thing which might make people think twice. email. I’m not exactly a beginner but I’m not very skilled either. Is it worth the buy? As for your question, there are numerous reputable manufacturers that compete with Callaway in the golf equipment market — TaylorMade, Cobra, PING, Nike, and Mizuno are examples. The Apex Pro irons ($1099 with steel shafts) are available in 3 iron through AW. The 3 iron has a stock loft of 21.5 degrees, while the PW measures 46 degrees. send. The feel at impact is hot and soft yet solid. Tungsten weighted inserts, found in the soles of the long irons (2-5), make the irons easier to hit, improve forgiveness, and produce “Tour-type” launch conditions by lowering the center of gravity (CG). Click on the composite image at the top of the page and navigate the photos on the left-hand side of the screen. I used to hit Callaway irons back when I was playing a bit. In particular, mild to moderate mis-hits will maintain a reasonable line and distance. I have played these irons for over 2 years now. Feedback is very good; mis-hits are not jarring, but you are definitely able to tell where contact is made on the face. One of the most valuable attributes of the Apex Pro irons are their exceptional consistency, accuracy, realiability and distance control. Thanks for the comment Tar. Disabling your ad blocker on the site would be greatly appreciated! They have a fairly large selection with a 90-day buy-back policy, 12-month warranty, and condition guarantee. First of all, it’s very comprehensive indeed. Of course, results will vary from person to person, but those who could benefit from a mid-high trajectory with a lower spin rate will likely see the best results. If you can’t tell I am still pretty much a beginner in golf so the help is much obliged. Aside from that, the best place to find new and used Apex Pro irons is eBay. email. apex-pro-16-iron-studio-2015. Even high handicappers can have success with these clubs if they’re willing to really challenge themselves to become a better player. In this edition of Forward Press, (…). The Apex Pro iron interacts smoothly with the turf. Distance results with the Apex Pro irons are very good, with many people realizing large gains (10-20 yards and upwards) over their previous irons. This includes the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to tweet. Callaway Apex Pro 16 irons. Nice, best of luck with them. A thin, ultra-hot face delivers faster ball speeds and hence distance. Welcome to Golfweek's European Union Experience. Offset is very minimal, the toe is rounded, and the top line is reasonably thin. There are certainly advantages to using players irons like the Apex Pro, and those you just mentioned are some of the main ones. Let us know in the comment section below! Sweet spot strikes sound very crisp and solid. Expect similar shots to yield very similar if not almost identical results from just about every lie. Out of the rough, good swings should get the ball up in the air with plenty of spin.

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