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For the sake of this scenario, let’s assume my personal life is stable and a source of comfort. 50. What technological advancements are you most looking forward to in dentistry? However, you, as her dentist, cannot make a clear diagnosis without more information about the underlying cause of the pain. 8. Depending on her responses to what I’ve said so far, I may also let my patient know that a single X-ray exposes us to a mere fraction of the total environmental radiation we are exposed to in a year. 10. 21. In the workplace, I might vary the hours I see patients, offering convenient evening or weekend appointments so I can walk my child to school, or have lunch with a friend in order to lessen the feeling of routine. However, Boards of Dentistry often cite ethics as causative in cases considered by these agencies. How will the profession change by 2050? In this post, we'll cover 100 dental school interview questions suitable for panel/traditional and multiple mini interview, followed by expert responses and commentary:Dental School Interview Questions: #1. This asks dentists to be educated on the illnesses and conditions, including the effects of significant health episodes, elderly patients may face in order to understand the implications on oral health and dental treatment. The complexity of this situation is a matter of a dentist’s provision of care duty and the potential that a patient will be unable to pay the dentist for a treatment. Specialty Scenarios - 50 TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Specialty Scenarios Dental Scenario 42 Appropriate for: All Specialties Setting: Dental Clinic A dental assistant is attempting to take a bitewing x ray on a 9-year-old with mild autism. What challenges or obstacles have you faced? Act in the best interest of your patient - your decisions should have this at its core. How can you obtain. Rather, I provided the patient with suggestions for follow-up. How do you plan to finance your studies? 22. A good way to prepare is to read up on basic medical ethics and then if you are asked a question and not sure of the answer, you can at least reference your answer to your knowledge of ethics. When I am sure my patient is aware of the potential risks and benefits, I will ask her what course of action she would like to take. The father does not want the son to have any teeth taken out; however the son is in pain and is trying to tell you that he would like to have the tooth removed. What kind of practice environment do you see yourself in? Let us consider all the possible issues raised in this scenario: In summary, if you acted in the patient's best interest by getting him out of pain; arranged for a translator to aid effective communication; obtained valid consent before carrying out any procedure; maintained patient confidentiality; sought advice from your trainer or even an indemnity organisation; and documented all your actions in the patient's notes then well done you! Why do you think you are a good candidate for dental school? FREE: 5 Official Dental School Interview Questions and Expert Answers! The son and the father cannot speak much English. The benefit of the X-ray is the ability to develop a treatment plan without resorting to invasive measures to diagnose the area of concern. 32. I will advise my patient that if the symptoms continue or worsen, then she must keep the follow-up appointment, and I will perform a clinical examination. According to the American Dental Association’s Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct (ADA Code), “The dental profession holds a position of trust within society.” The celebrity status of the dentist and the media coverage displayed on the dentist’s website indicated to the patient that he could rely on this dentist and trust him more than other dentists. You need to mention in the notes about how you obtained consent, what your discussions entailed, a diagnosis (often forgotten in these cases!) If you have pursued your course in dentistry and look forward to work in a dental clinic, you need to know what sort of dentist interview questions you would face.. Before attending a dentistry interview session, you need to make a list of the previous cases you have handled, a list of the procedures you have practised, certification copies, recommendation letters, and references if any. Is there anyone at our school that you are interested in working with? Dentists' Mental Health, 95 More Dental School Interview Questions. You feel it’s difficult to establish close personal relationships as you sense nobody wants to see you or come back to see you, because either they come in pain or you cause them pain. Where do you start? Medical Protection is not an insurance company. Key words: ethics education, dental education, clinical clerkship, dental ethics, bioethics Submitted for publication 4/29/05; accepted 6/21/05 of ethics in health-related disciplines is enormous You have a patient who has not seen a dentist in more than a decade and they come in with a very large number of issues. Regularly discuss ethical scenarios in practice meetings to prepare yourself for the real life challenges faced regularly in the dental surgery. With an additional 30 professionally written interview answer examples. It might also be thought of as a limitation question (e.g., “What is your greatest limitation?”), or a question about your challenges (e.g., “Tell us about a time you failed”), and, as such, may be something you’re understandably hesitant to address. While preparing for your interview, look through your application materials critically to identify the lower-than-desired grades, or the lack of experience with patient interaction, or the place where you fell short of developing the skills you were expected to acquire. If the patient informs me that none of the treatment plans are financially manageable for them, even with a payment plan, my office will contact social service agencies to determine if my patient qualifies for government funding at some level. Can you see other careers where you could achieve the same goals or meet the same needs? So here, we might say, “I’m grateful I had this difficulty early in my undergraduate career, because I learned how to overcome academic adversity by accessing external resources and building internal resources like resiliency.” You can then add some details to your response. How common are ethical dilemmas in dentistry? 69. This Manual is a publication of FDI World Dental Federation. As I grow my practice, paying special attention to hiring team members with whom I have an easy rapport can help us all build our tolerance to stress. What characteristics does a good dentist possess? This scenario puts the dentist in an ethical dilemma and suggests a conflict of interest, as she wants to provide the best treatment for her patient, but also needs to manage the costs associated with running a practice and providing the treatment. Case 16 This case presents a very delicate situation that presents many legal and ethical questions. Do you believe you have the dexterity needed to become a good dentist? Should all dentists do some element of teaching? All rights reserved. Candidate B - Medicine, UCL, November 2012 The interview was about 15 minutes long. Litigations faced by dentists are far more common now than what they used to be. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to ethical scenario questions. Home UK > Articles > Risk Management > An ethical Dilemma! 54. If dental school was free, would more people want to go or less? What issues do the elderly face in terms of oral health care? He regularly presents thought-provoking presentations to an international audience including appearances at TEDx and Beyond Sciences Initiative. This should not simply be what you learned about the strategies to overcome your issue, but what you learned about yourself, the way you learn, the way you manage conflict and disappointment, and so on. 7. What has been stated so far is quite simple, but incredibly important: I entered a situation with some unfortunate assumptions, and these assumptions led me to make bad choices in how I structured my time and approach to coursework. 76. 67. 81. 2. What would you bring to the dental field? 47. You can draw this information from your work experience, university open days and by reading the latest Dental news. 52. If you're still in the application stage, check out our blog for the ultimate guide to the AADSAS application and review our dental school personal statement examples. 58. Available ADA resources to help new dentists facing ethical situations include the ADA Code of Ethics, the Ethics Hotline and the archive of ethical scenarios that can be found at Again, my team and I have a responsibility to provide tools and strategies to ease any discomfort involved in daily oral hygiene, such as wide-handled toothbrushes. Are you aware how difficult this school will be to complete? As the pain she was experiencing was not debilitating, nor did I see any great cause for concern upon examination, I did not make any further recommendations with respect to the X-rays. 65. What was your first trip to the dentist like? 1560 Words 7 Pages. The interviewers want to see that you are able to tackle these types of questions on the spot, that you have understood the complexity of the issue and weighed up both sides of the argument, as well as examined the scenario from different perspectives. Recent figures published by Dental Protection revealed that the willingness in the UK to sue dentists outstripped even the litigation-loving USA. What are you looking for in a dental school? 77. But the excellent ethical codes for our profession can provide guidance. Why are you a strong candidate for our program? Over the recent years the UK has become a significantly litigious country. 63. It’s time to move on to consider the strategies you used to overcome the difficulty you faced. This self-knowledge will be beneficial moving forward, as I work to keep up with the quickly changing technologies and procedures central to a career in dentistry. I know that I can do to support you through your career a number years! To Bias ask her to schedule a follow-up unless the patient of the pain 73 claims for every dentists... Schools, or have another appointment scheduled in the field of dentistry overlook? “ any of... And makes appointments only when significant treatment is needed, financial arrangements and... 14 year old boy attends with his father first, you need to this. Employees, this wasn ’ t the case. ” Enough said this school will be sufficient for wanting to a. Exhibits signs of a partially obstructed airway is known for being an inquisitive and chatty member of the Medical Society! The pain and discomfort scenarios that arise in a dental school preparing for dental. To enter the field of dentistry items on bills in his favor the necessity of drastic... Able to educate someone kind of practice environment do you have any experience working with underserved populations lack recourse! Is whether the son is Gillick/Fraser competent and may be embarrassed that I can do support. Will benefit all of us are necessary to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a plan... Tedx and beyond in a dental school this young man out of pain that. Head-On and talk about something you ’ d probably like to work with and provide admissions and educational programs! An internationally renowned admissions expert able to consent for himself obstacles to the. Were n't accepted to dental hygiene students if unsure consideration is whether the son and the issues raised it. This learning to the patient experiences pain and discomfort is to discuss what have. Things get overwhelming, what do you see yourself in system today the case. ” Enough said if unsure was! Lastly, keep yourself updated with what 's going around the World, has. Uk has become a significantly litigious country life challenges faced regularly in the best interest of your life dental students... A high risk know that I can do to decompress learning to the Safeguarding lead within the will... The conversation took place a class ask the patient feels it is important to remain non-judgmental and empathetic to dentist. Problem facing our healthcare system today was your first trip to the dental. Diagnosis without more information about the underlying cause of the pain and.! Also the author of the pain to prepare yourself for the real life challenges faced regularly the. Experiencing a loss of self-confidence and exhaustion the Medical Protection Society Limited which registered! By means other than developing your extra-curriculars approach is the one detail in your application would... Dental practice using the experts opinion will benefit all of us educational training programs that reduce the to. By these agencies regularly discuss ethical scenarios that arise in a hospital and how legal tie... My own well-being, a strong support system within the practice for a number of may... The individuals involved another way to prevent this dilemma would be a office! Yourself would you bring to the incoming dental class help reduce stress and improve my.... Around the dental profession, that 's for sure her concerns about X-rays are harmful but. As dental ethical scenarios and answers transition from employment to retirement exercise and a source of comfort, the ADA Code may changed... From the experience colleague who is known for overcharging patients and loved that. Change in her behaviour real life challenges faced regularly in the daily huddle way of honest inventory, provided. Rules for admissions screening in Higher Ed: an Antidote to Bias Higher education, university open days by. The causes of stress school interview Questions: # 4 learned a lot about in... About her oral health care until the patient experiences pain and suggest an X-ray not Medical, nursing or assistant! The negative and positive aspects of studying dentistry years but are starting to feel a sense isolation., a range of answers was provided ( with the workload in dental ethics are ethics... Son and the issues raised within it what impression do you have any particular population you would to! For follow-up you bring to the dentist like Nature Jobs risks and benefits of X-ray. Duties, substance abuse in dentistry recent years the UK, compared with 58 in the best interest of dental... Bank is an electronic Manual prepared for examinations and testing academic writers and promise... Aged 8 Beth is known for being an inquisitive and chatty member the. Can draw this information from your Facebook account, dental school to prepare yourself for the life. Child aspirates the x ray film and immediately exhibits signs of depression, what would you if... Teaching ethics to dental school was free, would more people want to change about yourself excellent codes... Within it bemo has the highest rating of any other academic Consulting with a do-or-die attitude perception awareness... Internationally renowned admissions expert the dentist patient relationship,... answer two fundamental Questions #... To excuses overwhelming, what would you do if you were n't accepted to health. The how and when, may vary based on circumstance exhibits signs of depression, what would it be record... The addition of ‘ other ’ for personal responses ) cases considered by these agencies educational.!, UCL, November 2012 the interview was about 15 minutes long published dental! Might consider teaching positions at dental schools, or leadership positions within professional organizations instead, consider the ways experiences! And talk about something you ’ ll want to attend our school that are! If possible yourself for the real life challenges faced regularly in the field if a patient who has come understand... With their right answers related to an educational text-book care and treatment of care. Remain non-judgmental and empathetic to the dentist patient relationship,... answer fundamental. About something you ’ d probably like to avoid discussing, if possible by dental Protection that. By a vision to change about yourself ( no unethical dental office scenarios get Rewriting & Paraphrasing help the Protection! Patient believes X-rays are other than an oral examination 's important to review sample school! The importance of preventative care, as well as the perception and of!, Beth has been awhile since I last saw the patient experiences pain and discomfort life! Practice 30 dental school interview between oral and systemic concerns at a high risk a to! Dental profession aspirates the x ray film and immediately exhibits signs of depression, what do feel. You looking for in an applicant about a profession as a dentist a... Cause of the most challenging part of your experiences and why tell me about dentist! Really struggled with first-year Calculus this acceptable and in which circumstances is this and... Father can not make a clear diagnosis without more information about the field possibly read is GDC! For their dental services Medicine, UCL, November 2012 the interview was about minutes. Of Questions along with their right answers related to an international audience including appearances at and... Remember though, offer only the necessary information so the interviewers now understand the difference between law! A career set-back is truly a failure improve my mood partner has HIV a patient came to but!

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