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The artistic and technical innovation that occurred during the 300 hours of studio time for the Fab Four is as astonishing as it is unmatched, taking place while the band was truly in its prime. Anyways, I love the post! Drugs, check. Because your deck deserves a treat. It has sold over 30 million copies worldwide and played a massive part in bringing alt rock and grunge music to the masses. They weren’t pushing the boundaries of their music they were completely cutting the cord. The album symbolizes what the band truly stood for  and was regarded as “the focal point of their lives at that time” by its founding member Don Henley. There is a reason artists like Fleet Foxes, M. Ward, and The Decemberists readily cover her music; her songwriting ability is in another league and one that any focused listener can appreciate. If you can get your hands on the original LP, good for you, but if not there are several re-pressings that have garnered praise from critical fans in recent years. Whichever pressing you end up with you can be satisfied in knowing that you possess an album that helped define Americana. Muziek op Vinyl kopen? $750,000 production budget, meticulously produced by Quincy Jones, contains “Thriller”, “Billie Jean” & “Beat It”, considered by many to be the best album of the 1980s….what else do you need….it’s Michael Jackson. This list is by no means exhaustive. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Unconcerned by the fashions of the day, Jeff Mills' Axis label has been releasing a steady flow of minimal music on vinyl since 1992. An album best viewed as a piece of art and an example of a band going in a completely different direction than anyone at the time and succeeding…you need this album. Known for his captivating and hypnotic vocal performances, his singing embodied the form of Sufi Islamic devotional music passed down over 600 years. He also brought awareness about poverty and social injustice which were pressing societal issues at the time. The Hindustani classical musician Ravi Shankar, best known globally for his exquisite sitar raga music, was a hugely influential composer in the second half of the 20th century. If you spend any time wandering the audiophile forums of these great internets, you’ll often find Dire Straits continually popping up as a band whose albums sound particularly grand on the vinyl record format. The first and last (both recently called it quits on the project) album was a perfect melding of talents and creative ingredients. Master of reality is easily the most favourite album of nearly all Black Sabbath fans. By Largely accepted as one of the first double albums to be released by a major recording artist, Blonde on Blondewas Bob Dylan’s seventh studio album and was released in the summer of 1966. We’re proud to present you with “All Aboard the Blue Train” – the 14. album by one of the greatest musicians of all time. Yngwie’s the ‘Fury’, the ‘Viking’, and most importantly, he’s the ‘Fire’ in the heavy metal world. The album also earned two Grammy Awards and was a global success. Generally, this vinyl record sounds great, maybe a bit too commercial, but we would expect nothing less from the father of glam rock. With Revolver, one finds the right band at the right time with everything falling beautifully into place…to not own and know this vinyl record is nothing short of a musical crime. We’re progressing up to the 80s with Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It featured instruments never before associated with rock music like french horns, flutes, and bells. Michael was always controversial, and his blend of post-disco and funk simply had to come out right. The original vinyl release featured a beautiful lyric sheet and soft jacket that added to the hand-crafted feel of Young’s music. Rolling Stone described the album’s greatest strengths as reflected by its “well-honed musical arrangements and carefully balanced dynamics.” War showcases some of the era’s most sophisticated guitar lines by the group’s famed lead guitarist The Edge. Even though it was recorded in 1958, it was only released in 1962, but we’re referring to the re-issued edition which came to be on 9. Beatles Sgt Pepper My Favorite Things is the seventh studio album from one of the most important jazz figures of all time. Lasts for 41 minutes, and we guarantee that a record player’s reproduction will make them worth the memory. His incredibly powerful voice transcended boundaries and inspired spiritual ecstasy within audiences around the world. All kinds of VH1 behind the music-esque drama strained band/label relations severely, but in the end an enduring, best-of-era album, managed to find its way through all the wrangling. Trick of the Tail Recorded in one session at the Van Gelder Studio (Rudy Van Gelder…a very important name to know if you’re going to buy jazz records) this album is a four-part spiritual praise by Coltrane, a joyous melding of hard bop and free jazz that represent his best work and one of the top jazz sessions ever recorded. Record making techniques were upgraded and improved throughout the decades, but there’s no room for arguments about the following statement – some of the finest vinyl releases were made many years ago, and we’re now here to decide which ones are worthy to be considered the best sounding vinyl records of all time we think every serious vinyl collector should own. Explore the The 100 Greatest Vinyl Records of All Time list by Marhubeng on Discogs. We at Vinyl Me, Please curated a list of the 52 best vinyl records you should own. The album title comes from a passage in Hermann Hesse’s novel Demian: “We stood before it and began to freeze inside from the exertion. The late, great Kenny Rogers was a country music icon having sold over 100 million records in his lifetime. Dustry Springfield Dusty In Memphis. Prince’s passing was a shock to every little soul who knew how big of an impact he made on the music scene.

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