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The US Census Bureau has not translated any materials into any Alaska Native languages for this decennial Census. Annauk Olin is Inupiaq and a grad student in linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Arriaga is a native Spanish speaker. “Translation is really hard to do as individuals alone especially because a lot of this work is really creating language around things that we don’t have words for,” Adams said “It takes them being able to speak to each other, and kind of scaffold that knowledge off one another.”. Panelists are working to translate the election guide and candidate statements and record audio aids, a more complicated task than the August primary ballot. Alaska Native languages are being recorded and transcribed today in the hopes of having them revitalized through the use of these published dictionaries and grammar books. In a settlement in the second case, announced last September, the state agreed to expand language assistance — including translations and audio aids — with a focus on 29 communities. In 1885, Sheldon Jackson, a minister and missionary in Sitka, was appointed General Agent of Education of the Alaska Territory. What is a musk ox. Quyana to the volunteers who assist in keeping this website running. Like Inuit languages, Yup’ik creates meaning by adding suffixes to a base, which can create extremely long words that would take a whole sentence to express in English. In that same year, however, a federal judge had to overrule state election officials to require translation of election materials into Native languages for voters with limited English skills. . ASTA-USA can help. Organized by groups like AKPIRG and Alaska Counts, panelists sat at tables assigned by language, translating words on the census materials. Upper Kuskokwim Athabaskan Junior Dictionary (1979, PDF), Central Koyukon Junior Dictionary (PDF, 1978), Minto-Nenana Athabaskan Noun Dictionary (PDF), Tanacross Learners' Dictionary (2008, HTML), Nee'aaneegn' / Upper Tanana (Tetlin) Junior Dictionary (2009, PDF), Nee'aaneek / Upper Tanana Glossary (1997, PDF), Han Gwich'in Athapaskan Noun Dictionary (1978, PDF), Western Gwich'in Topical Dictionary (1991, PDF), Gwich'in Stem-based Lexical File (1999 draft, PDF). There are distinct dialects in Hooper Bay-Chevak (Cup’ik) and on Nunivak Island (Cup’ig). One of the women, Lorina Warren, looked across the table at Indra Arriaga, language assistance compliance manager for the Division of Elections. Olin’s eight-month-old son Daał lays in her lap while she works alongside her own mom — translating the materials into Inupiaq. Yup’ik has the largest body of speakers of any Native language in Alaska, with 10,400 native speakers. out what to do about a font if there are characters that aren't on the regular During this period, many Russian men intermarried with Unangax and Sugpiaq/Alutiiq women and a large population of bilingual speakers arose. After hours in the state elections office in Midtown Anchorage last month, two women stared at a computer screen, murmuring words in Yup'ik. All rights reserved. We hope to put together some other "free" fonts for Alaska Native languages … This list is expanding as we continue to digitize our collection, so check back often for additional resources. As part of the Native Studies Curriculum and Teacher Development project, we had created an Iñupiaq font that works on both Macs and PCs and is available for free download from this web site. Many dictionaries of Alaska Native languages have been scanned are are available as The minimum we entered were the Iñupiaq words The state first started translating ballot materials into Yup'ik about a year after the 2007 lawsuit. Caroline Tritt-Frank of Arctic Village, a member of the Gwich'in panel, said she now has a much better understanding of how the court system works. The languages are being recorded in their native tongue as speakers tell stories that are then written in both English and that language's alphabet. The term refers to measuring the risk for producing a return on investment. The University of Alaska Fairbanks also offers a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Yup’ik Language and Culture. The state will also begin to translate materials into the northern Alaska language of Inupiaq, though that wasn't part of the settlement. Warren also pondered the best translation for "investment portfolio." Since the most recent settlement, the state has spent $220,000 expanding language access, Bahnke said. As part of the Native Studies Curriculum and Teacher Development “Our languages are reflections of our worldviews which are shaped by the natural and supernatural environment in which we live.”. English-only policies pervaded the legal and political system as well. Before Russian contact, Alaska Native languages were the languages of the home, commerce, and diplomacy with other Native nations; bilingualism or multilingualism was common. . (Erik Hill / Alaska Dispatch News). dictionary on the Alaskool web site is written in asp (Microsoft's as we continue to digitize our collection, so check back often for additional resources. They were fine-tuning copy for the Yup’ik and Cup’ik spoken in Hooper Bay and Chevak. A third person later does final edits on a computer. Languages related in this way often share many resemblances, just as do people descended from a common ancestor. Remain how you are. In 2018, the Alaska Legislature passed a bill declaring a "linguistic emergency" in Alaska. For example, the Yup’ik word tuntussuqatarniksaitengqiggtuq translates to “She/he said again that she/he was not hunting caribou.”. Once we had permission to use the Iñupiat Eskimo Dictionary Warren is one of nine translators serving on the Yup’ik panel. But explaining English terms and concepts is a big part of Arriaga's job. Still others include web-accessible versions. 1976), Kenai Tanaina Noun Dictionary (1974, PDF), Dena'ina Athabaskan Junior Dictionary / Dena'ina Qenaga Duch'duldih (1979, PDF), Deg Xinag Ingalik Noun Dictionary (1978, PDF), Deg Xinag Learners' Dictionary (2007, HTML), Dinak'i (Our Words). “I love this idea of three generations reclaiming our language.”. As the term implies, a language family is a group of languages descended from a common ancestor. (farewell phrase said to one person), This is not the end. For example, the Yup’ik word … Alaska Native language groups convene to translate census materials, Alaska Public Interest Research Group, or AKPIRG, Trident’s Sand Point plant closed for the winter due to low cod stocks, Census officials say accurate count key to reducing overcrowding in rural Alaska, COVID-19 outbreak at Goose Creek prison grows, GOP Gov. They were struggling over the translation for the phrase "risk-adjusted return." This Alaskan got COVID-19 and recovered. The first meetings of the panel took place over two stretches in March and April, with a second round in May and early June. Alaska candidates and campaigns expect ‘Election Part 2’ as counting begins for over 156,000 ballots this week, JBER imposes new measures to slow spread of COVID-19 on base, Anchorage schools superintendent says strained hospital staffing drove call to delay school return, Coronavirus outbreak in Alaska’s largest prison accelerates. PCs and is available for free download Names for Eskimo moons (months) vary from village to village based upon For nearly a century, the use of Native languages in community and boarding schools was met with physical and mental abuse and harsh punishment, contributing to the moribund status of many Alaska Native languages today. I love to see these connections being built with one another from around the state.”. in the format shown below. The expanded glossaries, containing twice as many terms as the previous Yup'ik glossary, debuted along with audio materials in the August primary. The following is a list of electronic dictionary resources in our collection. All rights reserved. Next year, the panels will work to expand the glossaries to define financial and legal terms, Arriaga said. Sometimes she can't read the writing, or the fax is grainy. As is to be expected, Alaska-based companies have a great need for reliable, accurate document translation. Others are broken out by dialect. She said the state still needs to improve training for poll workers to make sure the materials are being used, but she called the primary "encouraging.". Aleut Dictionary. © 2020 Anchorage Daily News. Rochelle Adams, who is Gwich’in Athabascan, works as an Indigenous language specialist with Alaska Public Interest Research Group, or AKPIRG. Then the panelists from the other regions reviewed the translations and whether they made sense. is a list of electronic dictionary resources in our collection. Yup'ik Eskimo Dictionary (revised 2012 edition, Nanwalegmiut Paluwigmiut-llu Nupugnerit / Conversational Alutiiq Dictionary (Kenai Dictionary. "The division (of elections) has just made improvements in leaps and bounds in terms of the translation and materials available," Landreth said. Arriaga has been mailing panel members English phrases. The typed version goes to another panel member who checks the accuracy of Arriaga's transcription, and of the translation itself. Olin says having three generations of her family with her is important. There won't be time to work through the actual text of the laws, Arriaga said. Lorina Warren helps fine-tune a Yup’ik translation of the voter pamphlet for the Yup’ik and Cup’ik spoken in Hooper Bay and Chevak on Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 31, 2016, at the Division of Elections in Midtown.

Adventure Tours, Coleman Dark Room Skydome 6-person Camping Tent, Chelsea Vs Man City Fa Cup 2020, Fenix Headlamp, Memory Games For Kids, Tiwi Islands From Darwin,



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