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Angle Kit Frame Completion:: You will need 3 measurements from your tent to complete your frame : A, B , D. SEE DIAGRAM BELOW, - LAY YOUR TENT ON THE GROUND *****TO OBTAIN TENT MEASUREMENTS*****, Bottom of canvas wall up to where wall meets/intersects the roof (roof /wall seam ) Measure 2 ' from corner wall seam. The tent has an improved seam design that is sealed and water-resistant, this prevents leaking into the inner surface. operator and unit manual for modular general purpose tent system (mgpts) small: nsn 8340-01-456-3633 medium: nsn 8340-01-456-3628 large: nsn 8340-01-456-3674 distribution statement a - approved for public release; distribution unlimited. To make two-piece tent lengths you will need to purchase optional sleeves (Porch- 2 rafter - 4 sleeves, 3 rafter-6 sleeves, 4 rafter-8 sleeves, 5 rafter-10 sleeves, 6 rafter-12 sleeves).Mark all leg, rafter, and tent length sections to make assembly easier.PORCH / EXTENDED FLYLegs: Same length as tent legs. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: -Dimensions: 16’Length X 16’Width X 8’6”Ridge Height and 6’Eave Height-Floor Area: 256 square feet-Weight: 400 pounds-Color: Camouflage Green-Set-up Time/# of Persons: 45/4-Strike Time/# of Persons: 20/4-Shipping Cube: 60. Digitally printed or hand-painted tent top graphics draw notice at events. Nov 4, 2013 #1 J. jayamme New member. LAY YOUR TENT ON THE GROUND TO OBTAIN WIDTH (C) AND SLOPE MEASUREMENTS (B).MATERIALS NEEDED : To complete your frame YOU WILL NEED 1 INCH "INSIDE DIAMETER" EMT (electrical) thin wall conduit, … A Fiesta High Peak option is also available. These versatile tents are your go-to resource for reliable performance, superior materials, and cost-effective installations for any event. Add to cart and calculate shipping. The end walls are laced to the mid-section fabric that contains four windows and two environmental control unit duct sleeves. Recommendation New Tents: On new tents I recommend that you reduce your rafter lengths 2% and tent length dimensions and tent legs by 1% to allow for canvas shrinkage which is normally 1-2% for new treated canvas tents. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY TECHNICAL MANUAL ORGANIZATIONAL AND DIRECT SUPPORT MAINTENANCE REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LIST TENT: FRAME TYPE, WALL, LIGHTWEIGHT, EXPANDABLE, OG107, FIRE, MILDEW, WATER, WEATHER, RESISTANT, W/COMPONENTS 16’L X 16’W FSN 8340-782-3232 Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, D. C. 7 May 1970 Current as of 27 … If you do not allow shrinkage, after your canvas shrinks you will have to cut down your rafter and tent lengths to avoid putting too much pressure on your zipper and seams. I recently purchased a 16x16 Military tent. slightly Used 100% Working Frame 16'x16 $1,840.-16'x32' $3,390.-16'x48' $4,990.-16'x64' $6,690.-IF YOU NEED BETTER PRICING, PLEASE ENQUIRE ABOUT OUR USED TENTS. A lot of us have gotten the NOS skins for TENT, FRAME-TYPE, EXPANDABLE, 16 FT ×16 FT, (also called Frame,Expandable FWWMR,Lightweight) and have had trouble finding the frame. RECOMMENDATION: REMEMBER THE OLD SAYING "MEASURE TWICE AND CUT ONCE", NOTE: If R or Ridge is marked on angles the angles are for the RIDGE only.Legs:Measure A, WALL HEIGHT, from where roof meets the wall to the " bottom" of the wall canvas.Deduct 1" from the A (wall height) dimensions for angle  itself taking 1" of wall height.Deduct leg length 1% for shrinkage on new tents.Total deduction is normally 1 1/2"ONE piece legs - number of legs required:3 rafter angle kit - cut 64 rafter angle kit - cut 85 rafter angle kit- cut 106 rafter angle kit- cut 12, Porch Kit 2 rafter - cut 4Porch Kit 3 rafter - cut 6Rafters:Measure B - , rafter/slope, from center of grommet on ridge to where roof meets the wall.Deduct 2" from the rafter dimensions. Do not measure the 2" eave overhang which has D rings or grommets. The end walls feature a door with a 54 inch wide and 6 feet 11 inch height opening. Location Duncan, ok. Cut 3. Do not count the porch overlap with tent. collapsible drive through free standing aluminum frame, six large screened windows. Create unforgettable, customized spaces that will add joy to life’s happiest moments with Anchor’s versatile Fiesta Frame Tents. anodized aluminum tent frame with 1/8 inch thick walls, 16 Ounce 1-piece White top/cover (2-piece expandable top available for additional charge) with sun blockout (or any other standard color or standard color with white-stripe combination in red, blue, green, yellow) that is waterproo f and flame and mildew retardant. Fiesta has a complete line of options and accessories that are as unique and flexible as the tent itself. TENT EXTENDABLE MODULAR PERSONNEL (TEMPER) Aluminum Frame Supported Types. 2 rafter angle kit, divide usable porch length by 2 and cut 6. SEE CHART BELOW. AT EACH END OF TENT, Measure Ridge Seam to Ridge Seam, IF YOU HAVE ANGLES MARKED R - THESE ANGLES ARE FOR YOUR RIDGE. complete tent & frame, ropes. POLE,TENT. frame type squad tent, 16, wide general purpose, expandable (view photos & details) 16'x16', 16'x32', 16'x48', 16'x64' etc. blockout or 18 oz. if you need better pricing, please enquire Add smooth or gathered liners to create ambiance and mask special effect wiring and lighting. However, a hack saw or power saw with a metal blade will also work. B - RAFTER /SLOPE. Customize with gable or hip ends and adjustable tent leg options. Do not count the porch overlap with tent when determining usable porch length..If you have a 2 rafter porch angle kit , cut porch lengths to usable size of porch. Above price includes the complete 1-3/4 inch O.D. WordPress Download Manager - Best Download Management Plugin, Fiesta & F3 Frame Jack Assembly Instructions, Fiesta Frame Tent 18′ – 22′ Installation Instructions, Fiesta Frame Tent 24′ – 30′ Installation Instructions, Fiesta Frame Tent 8′ – 16′ Installation Instructions, Fiesta Tent Liner 10′-30′ wide Installation Instructions, WordPress Download Manager - Best Download Management Plugin, 10’ Fiesta Expandable – Expands in 10’ sections, 16’ Fiesta Expandable – Expands in 8’ sections, 20’ Fiesta Expandable – Expands in 10’ sections, 30’ Fiesta Expandable – Expands in 10’ & 15’ sections, Corrosion resistant 1¾” anodized aluminum tubing, Quick-assembly frames combined with aluminum castings, One-piece and expandable tops available in 18 oz. The duck cloth is specially made for fire, mildew and water resistance; it is designed to expand exponentially and set up in multiple configurations. Very popular for weddings and parties, Fiesta Frame Tents are a staple in any tent renter’s inventory. also over 500 unused in stock. Add conversion hardware and a high peak top to give your Fiesta an elegant new look. The fly will prevent any water in your tent. NEW HOURS MON - SAT 7:30 AM TO 5:30 PMHOW TO DETERMINE FRAME CONDUIT CUT LIST FOR A TENT TENT AND FRAME SET UP How to Measure Your Existing Tent For A " NEW" Angle Kit:. NSN 8340-00-782-3425: TENT, FRAME, EXPANDABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, 16 X 16, GREEN (NSN 8340007823425 / NIIN 007823425) Procurement: Invalid emails will appear to work, but in reality we will NOT receive them. Installation is easy, letting you keep up with your customer’s expanding guest list. ©2002 - 2020 Wall Tent Shop. Incorporate tent sidewalls that are solid white, clear, mesh, cathedral window style, or French window style.

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